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PE & Sports Premium Solutions

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Adventure Trails

From 6 to 16 play features – our Adventure Trails are a great way to increase the development of children’s Fundamental Movement Skills.

Prices start from as little as £2,973 ex VAT with delivery and installation!


Adventure Trails
Adventure Trail 6

£2,973 ex VAT

Adventure Trail 8

£3,987 ex VAT

Adventure Trail 10

£5,491 ex VAT

Adventure Trail 12

£6,966 ex VAT

Adventure Trail 16

£8,973 ex VAT

Outdoor Gym Equipment

Strength and Agility are just 2 of a wide range of benefits an outdoor gym can provide for children.

We have a number of packages available from £5,000 ex VAT, allowing the use of up to 9 users at one time!


Outdoor Gym Equipment

Climbing and Activity Centres

Our Climbing Frames and Activity Centres offer a perfect way to promote the development of Gross Motor Skills!

The Clyde Activity Centre can be delivered and installed for just £4,932 ex VAT


Climbing and Activity Centres
Ac101-16 Ac103-1 picture
Dart Activity Centre

£6,487 ex VAT

Clyde Activity Centre

£4,932 ex VAT

Ribble Climbing Frame 

From £5,995 ex VAT

Wye Climbing Frame

From £7,995 ex VAT

Goal Ends & Sports Walls

Increasing participation in competitive sports is something the Government have listed a priority for the PE and Sports Premium Funds

Why not create a sports pitch with individual goal ends with target panels from just £3,495 ex VAT each!


Goal Ends & Sports Walls
Target Example 1

£3,495 ex VAT

Target Example 2

£3,495 ex VAT

Target Example 3

£4,995 ex VAT

Target Example 4

£6,495 ex VAT

Trim Trails

We have some set Trim Trail packages from as little as £2,896 ex VAT

You can also create your own Trails – take a look at our individual trim products – we have over 40!


Trim Trails
cp101 render cp102 render cp103 render cp106 render cp105 render
Hudson Trail

£2,896 ex VAT

Yukon Trail

£4,684 ex VAT

Potomac Trail

£5,550 ex VAT

Rio Grande Trail

£8,940 ex VAT

Mississippi Trail

£9,036 ex VAT

The deadline to spend any under-spends of your PE & Sports Premium from 2019-2020 is fast approaching – but there is still time…

We hope the above products and packages offer support when deciding how to to make sustainable improvements to the quality of physical activity and sports at you school!

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