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New Product Launch: SHIPWRECK

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Ahoy! It’s our new Shipwreck!


Our muchly anticipated New Product has finally landed and we are super excited to be able to reveal the SHIPWRECK! This is a new addition to our Role Play Voyager Range as we are constantly trying to expand our catalogue of playground equipment.


We already have a selection of Role Play Voyager ships but our Product Design team wanted to create something different. Much thought was put into how we can create something that would appeal to all of our customers and yet have a different take on an original product.


The SHIPWRECK is made from three different sections and composed to appear as a sunken ship. We think this looks amazing!


There has been plenty of various play elements added to the SHIPWRECK to ensure it promotes all types of play and interactions including social, creative, imaginative, and physical.


Children will be able to work together to create new and exciting scenarios, whilst developing key social, communicative and imaginative skills.


The first section of the Boat is the SHIPWRECK BOW, this is the front of the SHIPWRECK and has many features including a large inclined platform, a climbing wall with blocks, both a ladder and rope ladder, a viewing hatch, a porthole and a lower cabin entrance with the appearance of looking damaged/broken to really add to the shipwreck theme.


The second part of the Boat is the SHIPWRECK CROWS NEST which is the middle feature of the SHIPWRECK. This consists of a crow’s nest, sails and a ladder to access the top of the platform.


Finally the third part of the SHIPWRECK is the SHIPWRECK STERN, the back of the boat. Again this has many different play features including a large inclined platform, a net climber, a lower cabin entrance, again with the look of being damaged/broken and stairs.


All of the different sections listed above are sold as the SHIPWRECK although we are going to be selling these separately too!


This means you could have the SHIPWRECK BOW and the SHIPWRECK CROWS NEST or just the BOW and STERN it’s totally up to you! This allows you to get really creative and create your own scene!


When the SHIPWRECK is purchased as a whole package with all 3 products, it still includes all the play features listed above along with 2 additional rigging ropes to combine all 3 sections of the ship. The SHIPWRECK is suitable for children from the age range of 5 up to 11 covering a great range.


The SHIPWRECK does require safety surfacing to be laid to meet the BSEN 1176/1177 safety requirements but this will allow you to become really creative and give your playground the wow factor. Why not use blue Wetpour Safety Surfacing to give the effect of the boat in the sea and even add yellow to symbolise sand! The possibilities are endless….


The SHIPWRECK is available to all of our customers and we can’t wait to be manufacturing and installing the very first one!



So get in contact today on 01244 375627 or email [email protected] to receive more information and book a free consultation.


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