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Get Inspired! Your Early Years Jigsaw Play Tower Creations

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Our Jigsaw Play Tower range is one of our most popular here at Creative Play. Designed to be completely modular, components can be selected piece by piece to meet your individual needs. With over 70 different components to choose from the possibilities are truly endless!

But with so many different components to choose from, a large percentage of our Jigsaw creations tend to be on a larger scale, aimed for older children playing in larger numbers. However we’ve gone through our archives to showcase three different designs to show that Early Years can benefit just as much!

With smaller fall heights and typically fewer towers, our Early Years-focused Jigsaw Play Towers still pack in lots of play value, allowing little ones to develop their fundamental movements skills and physical literacy.

Clockwork Day Nursery, Manchester

“A multi-level two tower design with a classic slide and tricky inclined clatterbridge. Includes our timber roofs to encourage all-weather play.”



JIG602 Platform – 0.6m (for roof), JIG902 Platform – 0.9m (for roof), JIG103 Roof – Timber, JIG101 Guard Rail – Timber, JIG613 Ramp – 0.6m, JIG612 Stairs – 0.6m, JIG302 Inclined Clatterbridge, JIG911 Slide – 0.9m, JIG916 Rung Ladder – 0.9m

Mulberry Pre School, Southampton

“A 1 tower design that makes the most of the limited space available. Includes features such as our net climber to encourage the development of fundamental movement skills.”



JIG902 Platform – 0.9m (for roof), JIG103 Roof – Timber, JIG912 Stairs – 0.9m, JIG914 Net Climber – 0.9m, JIG915 Climbing Panel w/ Blocks – 0.9m, JIG911 Slide – 0.9m

Wood End Primary School, Wolverhampton

“A large 3 tower design that encourages play at multiple levels. With lots of exciting play features to enjoy, this creation is ideal for encouraging group play.”



JIG602 Platform – 0.6m (for roof), JIG902 Platform – 0.9m (for roof), JIG103 Roof – Timber, JIG612 Stairs – 0.6m, JIG614 Net Climber – 0.6m, JIG916 Rung Ladder – 0.9m, JIG911 Slide – 0.9m, JIG201 Arched Timber Bridge, JIG302 Inclined Clatterbridge

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