Commercial Playground Equipment

A playground isn’t just for the use of schools and local councils, for many commercial establishments outdoor play areas and playground equipment is a signal that they cater for young families, adding to their selling points to potential customers. Playgrounds should be fun for all involved, have different aspects to get kids excited and to use their imagination, but also built to high safety standards to put the parents’ minds at ease.

Whether you own a pub with a large outdoor area or beer garden and want to attract the summer crowds, a hotel or restaurant owner with some space to entertain guests, or run a garden centre with a café with room for the little ones, quality commercial playground equipment can make a real difference to the type of customer you can attract and retain. Gone are the days when a simple swing, or a crudely marked playground surface sufficed, we at Creative Play understand how beneficial it is to have a wide choice of equipment to choose from, depending on your budget, aims and ways in which you want to interact with the families who use your services.

What we pride ourselves on is that everything is created, designed, built and installed using our skilled in-house team. With that in mind you can be safe in the knowledge that everything you receive from Creative Play has been cared for and nurtured from start to finish by us, we can vouch for the quality and the consistency of the products. All of our products and installations have guarantees (ranging from 1 to 20 years depending on the type) and everything is created with safety requirements in mind.

Of course, dependent on the size of the property you own/run and the budget you have available, the type of commercial playground equipment you need will change. We have all the bases covered, with simple floor markings, swings, ladders and slides, wooden climbing frames and adventure trails, right up to complex and extravagant pirate ships for the little ones to create their own stories within! You can create from a blank canvas and be sure that we have the playground equipment available to help you reach those dreams.

There are a wide range of commercial playground equipment available as part of our extensive brochure. Whether you are looking for wooden climbing frames and kiddie-friendly seating areas, or swings and springs and role-play equipment Creative Play has you covered. Since 1991 we’ve been supplying playground equipment for commercial purposes, as well as for schools and councils, to a total of over 12,000 playgrounds nationwide!

We have a number of friendly installation teams, so wherever you are based we can easily send over a team for a free consultation and be close by to install your playground equipment at a time that suits you. We are also completely flexible in terms of the projects we attend to. So, for instance, if you have a temporary commercial setting for the summer months, or a Christmas market that requires a child-friendly area, our team are here to help and can install for a short-period of time, helping to remove the equipment at a later date too. We aim to please, offering low prices, friendly customer service and a flexible product.

If you’re looking to resource your commercial playground equipment, designed to give your customers and their family’s the very best time in terms of safety and enjoyment, we believe that Creative Play are the ideal partner for your project. Contact us by phone on 01244 375627 or by using the email form on our site. We’d love to begin supporting your business today!