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Boats & Ships

One of the best playground equipment that fosters imagination and keeps children engaged for hours is the playground. These provide children with increased active learning, unlike the one offered by books and television. You could use an outdoor boat structure to encourage children to be involved in an imaginatory adventure. You’ll be surprised to see these children cooperate like adults and even assign roles.

Commander - VOY133

from £14290

First Mate - VOY121

from £8790

Quartermaster - VOY122

from £13190

The Captain - VOY123

from £16490

Pirate Ship (Timber) - VOY116

from £51970

Rowing Boat - VOY114

from £2200

Shipwreck - VOY124

from £28850

Viking Ship - VOY105

from £4940

Galleon - VOY106

from £3290

Pirate Ship Midi (Timber) - VOY118

from £15260

Shipwreck Crows Nest - VOY124b

from £8010

Shipwreck Stern - VOY124c

from £11210

Shipwreck Bow - VOY124a

from £11210

Creative Play designs, manufactures and supplies, quality and innovative outdoor imaginative boat playground equipment to schools, nurseries, holiday parks and many other play areas in the UK. We have a broad collection of playground boats and ships that are guaranteed to improve your child’s playtime.

Some unique play children’s play boats and ships with interesting names are:

  • Quartermaster
  • Commander
  • The Captain
  • Viking Ship
  • Galleon
  • Shipwreck Crows Nest
  • Pirate Ship
  • Rowing Boat

Why are Playground Boats & Ships so popular?

Imaginative play

If there’s anything children love doing, it is imagining when they learn at school and home. Playground boats and ships are excellent ways of helping and encouraging children to use their imagination. Your children can lose themselves in the imagination of the high seas. We guarantee that the Creative Play play ships and boats have many interesting features to help with children’s imagination. Soon you’ll find children role-playing on these boats and ships.


Playground boats and ships have numerous activities that children can get involved in. You might find your children using the outdoor boat for endless hours playing a range of imaginative games. The endless possibilities are very engaging and keep children active for long periods of time.

Enhance Creativity

Thanks to the imagination encouraged by all of our play boats and ships, your children’s creativity will improve. The outdoor play activities facilitated by this innovative playground equipment, will help your kids come up with various ways to solve day-to-day life problems.

Active Play

Any of our playground boats and ships, be it wooden ship playground equipment or play rowing boats, encourages active play. Children get to run and climb up and down these ships. Many sections allow sliding and tying. Boats also help children to pretend to row.

All of these and more, are the active play your kids can enjoy playing. These physical activities in the long run, will enhance their motor skills, coordination, balance and help encourage healthy growth.


The outdoor ship and boat equipment facilitate learning and help children retain what they learnt in the classroom, about ships and boats. As children assume roles in a ship or boat, they learn the language used in voyages or fishing expeditions. It is also easy to teach children about parts of a ship or a boat, with play boats and ships. The great thing is, the children rarely notice they are learning because of all the fun they are having.

Cognitive development

In the long run, play boats and ships help with cognitive development from all the learning that occurs as children have fun. As children acquire creativity, their cognitive skills improve.

Social Skills

Kids play boats are great for teaching social skills to children. Without even realising it, children unite and take turns to perform various tasks on their play ship. Of course, children talk as they play which improves communication. Other vital social skills your children will learn include cooperation, responsibilities and relationships.

How do we ensure the quality of our playground boats & ships?

Creative Play manufactures and supplies high-quality playground equipment. You can trust us to deliver high-quality ship and boat playground equipment that your kids can enjoy for years.

We use quality materials to build our playground boats and ships. All timbers come with 20-year protection from insect attack and decay, provided by the chrome-free, arsenic-free preservative we pressure-treat them with.

The ropes and nets we fit on our play boats and ships are made from quality and durable, multi-filament steel core ropes covered with polypropylene. To minimise falls from breaking, our ropes and nets are fastened with hydraulically-pressed end connections and secured with custom-made tamper-proof net joints.

Why Choose a Creative Play wooden ship playground?

Besides quality, our wooden ship playground equipment products have certain favourable characteristics such as;


All our kids play boats and ships simulate marine activities and are unique, good-looking structures that will always attract children’s attention. You will be able to purchase appealing play boats and ships, helping to encourage outdoor play in children.


Safety is vital for all playground equipment. We ensure all our play boats and ships are made in compliance with the BS EN 1176 standards to ensure safety. This and the high-quality timber and ropes on the playground equipment, minimise the risk of injury considerably.


Our prices for our play boats are among the most competitive for such playground equipment in the UK. We can work with you to help you get an outdoor ship or boat within your budget, that suits your requirement.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Creative Play today for high-quality play boats and ships.

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