6 Items Every Garden Gym Needs to Have

Coloured Bar

Having proper garden gym equipment is a great advantage, since it enables you to have useful exercise times from the comfort of your own home, enjoying the best of both worlds in your home gym space. Still, it can be quite challenging to choose the ideal gym items, so we thought we’d put together a short list of some of the best gym items that you can incorporate into your garden gym. We offer all six of these types of garden workout equipment – and many more – here at Creative Play.

The Rider

This workout station makes a perfect item to add to your garden gym thanks to its versatility. This equipment piece, which is somewhere between an exercise bike and a rowing machine, offers you a full body, cardiovascular and toning exercise. You can exercise your arms, shoulders, abdomen, glutes and legs in one go.

This is made possible by pushing with your legs as you pull with your arms, providing your own workout through the resistance of your body and offering a low impact workout. With the design of The Rider, you will be providing your body with a balanced exercise workout in an enjoyable and playful way.

You can get cardiovascular exercise benefits similar to those achieved by jogging, as well as a leg work out comparable to that offered by pedal bikes. The design of The Rider suits teenagers and adults of age 16 and above, an ideal adult workout piece.

Pull Down Challenger

If you are looking for an item that can greatly increase your strength and stamina, the Pull Down Challenger truly is an ideal option. This is an excellent exercise equipment item for arms and shoulders, as well as the back. You can see from its design how ideal it is for strength and stamina building.

In fact, this type of garden gym item, also known as the Lat Pull Station, is considered to be among the most effective types of equipment for building muscle groups. It is comparable to our gym bars for garden options, except that it lets you manage the amount of weight you pull rather than using your full body weight.

Just like The Rider, the Pull Down Challenger offers exercise options to persons 16 years old and above.

Twist & Step

This garden gym equipment piece is a clever incorporation of two different workout procedures which one or two people can utilise. The twist element offered by the equipment provides hip twisting exercises, which are great for both the abdomen and the obliques.

Users also receive excellent cardiovascular exercise, as well as strengthening of leg muscles provided by the step element. As the name suggests, there are different stations for the step exercise and the twist exercise, so two people aged 16 or above can make use of the Twist & Step at a time, making it a great social gym piece.

These first three garden workout equipment items are under the Fresh-Air Fitness (FAF) equipment range, made from robust steel tubing, with a free zinc primer and thermoplastic powder coating. We offer superior quality stainless steel for all of the fixings of our equipment, as well as a tamper-proof quality. You can check our website for the various types of guarantees, which will differ for various parts of the equipment.

Overhead Ladder

A proper overhead ladder is great for exercise. The equipment we offer here is a high-quality workout overhead ladder that can greatly develop your upper and core body strength. The design of this outdoor gym equipment is ideal for that many varying muscles groups across the arms, shoulders and abdominals.

The ladder is a perfect example of the benefits of gym bars for garden. This is similar to the parallel bars, you can consider this durable fit perfect for your garden gym thanks to its structure. The overhead ladder is made up of 120mm × 120mm timbers with stainless steel rungs. The non-movable parts of the gym item make it excellent for outdoor work out spaces. The ladder is ideal for persons aged 11 and above who are at least 1.4m tall.

Sit-Up Bench

Sit-ups are a popular and great way to work out. It is therefore, often of benefit to also include a sit-up bench in your garden gym. This can help you to develop core body strength. By targeting abdominal, hip and upper thigh muscles, among many other varying groups, you can achieve a real boost to overall general body strength.

With an ideal structure and design, as well as durable materials, this sit-up bench is perfect for your garden gym as it is for playgrounds and parks. Thanks to the 120mm×120mm timbers and stainless-steel elements, with no moving parts, you can comfortably and safely have the bench in your garden gym.

Leg Raises

You wouldn’t want to miss this great gym item to round off your garden workout equipment. With a design specifically made to develop core and lower body strength, this equipment piece makes for a great choice.

By targeting a number of muscles groups, such as the abdominals, hips and upper thighs, the Leg Raises station is undoubtedly an excellent addition to your outdoor gym. Similar to the sit-ups bench and overhead ladder, the timbers of the Leg Raises are 120mm×120mm with stainless steel nonmoving parts for durability and stability.

You can get all the above garden gym equipment for your garden gym from Creative Play. All of our workout equipment comes with full exercise instructions and lengthy guarantees. For each piece of garden workout equipment, you get a product that conforms to the latest safety standards EN 16630 and EN 1176. To find out more about any of our range, from gym bars for garden through to the Twist & Step, you can Contact us today.