5 PE Equipment Items Every Kid Enjoys Playing With

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There is great benefit to making physical education in schools as enjoyable as possible. This has led to many schools opting for PE equipment that will not only provide fitness, but also offer fun to kids as they use them. Another factor that is being increasingly considered is to bring outdoor play spaces a range of PE apparatus that is suitable and accessible to children in the school. At Creative Play, we have studied and researched educational play and its impacts throughout the UK.

Our experts design, deliver, install and maintain our range of items, which are among the best school PE equipment in the country. We have high-quality, durable and easy-to-use PE equipment items that you can use to host dynamic PE lessons that are as fun as they are educational. Here are five PE equipment items our experts recommend and have installed that kids of any school age will have fun using:

Jigsaw Play Towers

Kids have derived fun from jigsaw play towers for many years. This has been the case over the past few decades, as they have become very popular. Making use of a play tower during physical education is a great idea, since it enables children to gain a range of educational boosts. The kids can exercise as they climb up and down the towers, maintaining good health and keeping fit. They can also enjoy the imaginative adventures brought by moving from one end of a tower to the other. The rung ladders on this equipment also greatly improve confidence and courage in kids, and they will have a lot of fun doing learning to balance and climb. They may even compete who can go through the jigsaw play tower quickest.

All these qualities make this item highly enjoyable. Remember that these jigsaw play towers come with slides, which many children find very enjoyable. Here at Creative Play UK, we have a range of play towers to suit varying play spaces. You can also contact our experts and we’ll offer a free playground consultation of your school space and recommend, provide and install the most enjoyable jigsaw play tower for the kids in your school.

Adventure Trails (Spider Nets)

There’s no doubt that kids enjoy playing on adventure trails. The spider net features are useful in any PE lesson thanks to their facilitation of creativity and encouragement of socialising, with children always interested in these items. Children enjoy climbing and moving around while discovering.

You will find many children experience a lot of fun clambering from one side of the spider nets to the other. The ability to achieve their physical goals of moving about the adventure trails gives kids pleasure and satisfaction, while also providing a range of skill acquisition as they navigate. The child can go alone, or go in pairs or groups which could make the physical education lesson even more enjoyable.

You should also not forget that these equipment items are very useful learning tools, especially for PE lessons. The kids in your school will enjoy a range of development options, improving their balance and co-ordination, as well as growing in confidence, gaining all these benefits while having a lot of fun. Our experts at Creative Play design and build in-house superior quality adventure trails to provide fun to kids in your school, and serve PE lesson purposes, for over 20 years. We have spider net options that are ideal for children from 7 to 16 years of age.

Equipment Items for Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs)

Games such as football, netball and tennis are great for physical education lessons. Not only do these games bring many physical benefits, but also offer a lot of fun to children. You can see why the Multi Use Games Areas have become increasingly popular in schools, able to offer a range of sporting games all in one place. The MUGAs we create for you come with very enjoyable games for kids during PE, and you can use the space to conduct anywhere from 5 to 10 fantastic games in the same play area. Kids have a space to enjoy a range of different games, staying active and engaged for hours.

Having a MUGA in your school will elevate your PE lessons into valuable and productive play times where kids can combine fun play with physical activity. This is such an enjoyable opportunity with long-term benefits, considering it links the idea of an active and healthy lifestyle with fun in the minds of young people. The equipment items we install in your MUGAs eliminate the idea of having a single game and the tiresome state of repetitive activity that can come with some other play spaces. Being able to select from a broad range of games is enjoyable. Creative Play constructs excellent MUGAs, through our experts who put a lot of thought and skill into the creation of very enjoyable and useful spaces.

Outdoor Gym Equipment Items

Many schools and parks have, in recent years, embraced the idea of outdoor gyms, and many have even included them in their play areas. This has not only made these essential spaces accessible to many more children, but also changed the face of break times and physical education lessons. The school PE equipment items in these spaces are fun to use for school children of all ages and sizes. All of the outdoor gym equipment items we offer at Creative Play are enjoyable for children.

We have worked with many schools that we have provided gym equipment to and installed playground equipment at, with over 25 years’ activity in the market. We have options such as double cross-country skiers for cardiovascular exercises, seated leg press for excellent flexibility and strength, as well as balance beams for balance and co-ordination. The above items, and a lot of others, are ideal for pairing up, with activities in pairs during PE being fun for most children. Some of our other enjoyable gym equipment items include sit-up benches and children’s arm and pedal bike options. We are confident that kids will always have a lot of fun using our outdoor gym equipment items.

Trim Trails

Introducing trim trails as a PE apparatus option in your school also makes the whole lesson more enjoyable. Kids love to climb, so having the ideal equipment they can climb up on is very useful and satisfying. The teacher conducting the PE lesson can guide the pupils a few times, then allow them to utilise the Trim Trails themselves and grow in their physical skills. Soon enough, the kids will be competing on who can climb the fastest, something that brings a lot of fun. Being able to balance and use muscles to climb up this equipment is also gratifying, which is a great learning tool for children.

If you need more help on which school PE equipment are most enjoyable to kids, you can contact us anytime. We have friendly and knowledgeable experts who can advise and recommend the best PE apparatus to incorporate into your school’s play spaces for excellent PE lessons. We can visit your school for a free consultation and offer free installation of any equipment you purchase for your school, just get in touch with us by phone 01244 375627, email [email protected] or web form today.