School PE Apparatus

Our range of PE apparatus offers everything that you could require to add those final finishing touches to your school PE equipment and overall sports options. We have a variety of pieces that can be used by children and young people engaging in gymnastics and a range of other sporting pursuits.

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There are few things more satisfying for us than encouraging young people to partake in a healthy lifestyle, not only by exercising through sport, but also by using safe and innovative equipment that helps them to learn a range of physical and mental skills. This is exactly what is offered by our range of school PE equipment, with a host of high-quality and durable options that allow children to partake in sport in a safe and fun way.

The selection of quality PE apparatus is a must for any school looking to offer quality physical education, with the options that we design and create at Creative Play able to aid children with their physical development in both fun and educational ways. All of our equipment is designed and created in-house, allowing us to ensure the highest quality standards, as well as put a lot of thought into the range of education benefits each piece can offer. PE structures can help a child’s motor skills and teamwork as they navigate PE apparatus in small groups.

There are a range of different indoor PE apparatus items that you can purchase and use at a school or nursery, but we also have a unique and exciting range of outdoor school PE equipment to give children some fantastic exercise options. From our gym equipment, to Multi Use Games Areas, to a range of different sports markings, we can offer you the ideal physical education apparatus and facilities for your sporting classes. We love seeing young people develop a love for sport when they are young and ensure all of our primary school sports equipment items offer them fun learning tools.

When using PE apparatus with children outside, we understand that safety will be a prime concern. With the grass field often out of action for several months of the year, or at least unsuitable for many sporting activities, another option is often needed. This is where we can offer a range of excellent playground surfacing options that offer stylish design and great safety support. You can get a waterproof and impact-absorbing surface that can be designed in a range of colours, whether to suit your school crest or an overall play theme.

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Additionally, these surfacing options can include a range of different sports markings, allowing you to use the same surface for football, netball, tennis and many other activities. We never get tired of seeing children’s excitement at their brand-new sports area, complete with all the PE apparatus they could need. Having provided school PE equipment for many years, we’re experienced in advising clients and helping them find their ideal fit.

This combination of safe, fun and engaging play is one of the main features that has set us apart as a leading option in our industry. As we offer primary school sports equipment choices to schools, nurseries and parks around the UK, we do so with equipment that was designed in-house with all of these key features in mind. Not only was it designed this way, but we also provide installation teams around the country to fit the items expertly.

This level of design quality and flexibility has made us a popular option with schools, colleges and private facilities around the UK. All of the physical education apparatus that we design and create is done to the highest quality standards, with our in-house team design items built to offer effective use and durability. We are happy to speak to you about the different options in our range and how we can provide the ideal design fit for you.

Here at Creative Play, we have you covered with all of your PE apparatus needs, ensuring that you can get the very best from your sports area. Designed for all ages, our PE products will be able to cater for educational, commercial and local authority developments. We can even offer a free consultation where one of our school PE equipment experts will visit your site and advise you on how to get the best option for your setting.

If you would like to know more about our range of products and services, you can get in touch with our experienced and friendly team today by phone, by email, or by booking your free playground consultation. All of these details are listed in our Contact section, with the helpful staff team at Creative Play happy to speak to you today about the different physical education apparatus options we can offer to your school, nursery or college.