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Let’s Play: Our Glendale Holiday Park Development

Glendale Holiday Park contacted Creative Play looking to create a big visual impact on entry to the park and were very open to ideas....


Let’s Play: Our Glendale Holiday Park Development

With Friends Like These: Our Development for Friends of Copythorne

THE BRIEF Friends of Copythorne were looking to create a new playground for the children of the community after completing 18 months of fundraising. The requirements were clear, they...


With Friends Like These: Our Development for Friends of Copythorne

Get Inspired & Transform your Community Playground

Whether you want to completely transform or just spruce up your community playground, we’re here to provide you with lots of playground inspiration! From rustic developments to ones with...


Get Inspired & Transform your Community Playground

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Here at Creative Play, we are specialists in designing, creating and installing the type of playground equipment that offers the very best play experiences on the market. We have spent over 30 years perfecting our craft, fuelled by a passion for seeing how high-quality dynamic play equipment can provide children with an opportunity to maximise their fun, their learning and their safety.

We feel like in many ways we’ve been ahead of the curve, as it’s only in recent years that educators have fully latched onto the wide range of learning and skill development opportunities that exist within play. Having specialised in creating and installing bespoke playground areas for schools, parks and local councils around the UK, we have extensive understanding on how to design the best playground area for your setting and children.


We’re able to install high-quality playground equipment nationwide, from Liverpool to London, Manchester to Middlesex, with expert installation teams around the country. We’ll ensure that your equipment is built to last and that all of your items are secured to the highest safety standards, with a range of playground surfacing options to offer added fun and safety benefits.

Our stellar range of equipment can also offer a range of sensory play elements, shown to offer a range of developmental benefits and also to promote inclusivity. This is an issue we’re highly passionate about, providing a range of items that can cater to children across a range of ages, backgrounds and special educational needs. We’re able to custom-build the exact playground that will be ideal for the children who will be using it.

Whether you’re looking for climbing frames, swings, sand and water play, sports surfacing, or all of the above, we’re able to provide you with quality options. Our experience allows us to cater to a range of different location and budget sizes, with small equipment built for a single child, right up to large play pieces that can cater to tens of children at a time.

Here at Creative Play, we are specialists in all facets of playground equipment, playground surfacing and playground installation. Having spent many years honing our craft, we have created unique playground areas for thousands of clients around the country, with many examples available to look at in the Inspiration section of our website. Feel free to browse as many as you like; you may even get some ideas for your own playground area!

If you’d like further support in that area, one of the services that Creative Play are able to offer is for one of our experts to come out to your site for a free playground consultation. Whether you are looking to rejuvenate an existing area, or start a new playground completely from scratch, our expert can talk to you about your design ideas and help to turn your vision into reality.

We’ll be able to talk you through some of the key items in our range, explaining how different items and surfacing combinations work together to provide the very best play experience for the children who’ll be using it. We’ll be able to talk you through a range of design possibilities to help you get a totally unique option for your setting.

You can get in touch with Creative Play by phone or by email, via the Contact section of our website, where one of our friendly experts will be able to talk to you about your exact playground needs and how we can bring them to life. We love every single playground area we’ve had the pleasure of building and look forward to many more.