New Forest: Our Woodlander Range is Back with a New Look

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We are pleased to announce we have re-launched and re-designed our popular Woodlander Range!

This range is made up of five different tower systems all with each individual play features and unique appearances.

The Woodlander range has been designed with the name in mind! Constructed with timber, and named after forests we have created a range that provides a rustic option with provide a great focal point for any setting and guarantee to keep children active and busy!

They encourage physical, active, imaginative and social play through many forms and great for children of a wide age range!

The 5 Towers are as follows:


WO102 – Greenwood

Our most simple tower of the five, the Greenwood is a one tower system with a Climbing Ramp to access the platform and a slide to exit. The tower is at a platform height of 0.9m making it perfect for children within the age range of Under 5’s to 11! Great for areas with a smaller area and includes a roof with windows to also encourage imaginative and social play!

Click here to view our Greenwood tower system




WO103 – Thetford

Going bigger, we then have our Thetford tower, this is a twin joint tower at a platform height of 1.5m providing play for older children (5-11)! The Thetford offers a selection of play features including a climbing ramp, ladder, slide and even includes a table with benches below the tower for that well deserved break after conquering the climb up!

Click here to view our Thetford tower system





WO109 – Epping

The Epping play tower is also a two tower system although the platform heights are at 0.9m – 1.5m – this promotes active, social and imaginative play over multiple levels and creates an extra challenge! The Epping provides a huge variety of play features including a climbing panel, firefighter’s pole and inclined ladder.

Click here to view our Epping tower system




WO110 – Sherwood

The Sherwood tower is one of the biggest with four tower at platform heights of 1.9m and 1.5m. Again this provides play over multiple levels creating the extra challenge and even has its own ‘den’! The Sherwood is packed full of play features including TWO slides, a climbing ramp, crawling tube, cabin tower and table and benches! This provides a great challenge for children to climb up, though and under and guaranteed to keep children entertained for hours! Promoting physical, active, imaginative and social play, the Sherwood is the perfect focal point for any area!

Click here to view our Sherwood tower system



WO106 – Heartwood

Lastly, we have our whopping Heartwood, this is a tower system with a difference! The Heartwood has a perimeter platform with a centre piece ‘cabin’ feature. There are tonnes of play features including two slides; curved tubular and straight, a net climber, climbing ramp, climbing wall and…. A double bay swing set! What more could you want!?! This truly the perfect tower for older children and encourages children to challenge themselves, interact with others and best of all PLAY! Again for that well deserved break, table and chairs are located beneath the tower.

Click here to view our Heartwood tower system



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