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Winter Playground Advice

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Unfortunately, at Creative Play we cannot control the weather – we can however offer you a set of winter care guidelines to ensure that your equipment stands up to the bad weather this winter!

The continued safety of your playground is paramount, especially during the winter months when there are more potential hazards to take into consideration. With surfaces becoming icy, and bad weather causing possible structural damage, it is advised that you follow the recommended winter care tips to make sure that your playground remains an enjoyable place for children to play.

  • It is important to ensure that you remove any snow built up on canopies – the additional weight that this gives can cause serious structural issues.
  • Remove any sail shades in high winds as they can be easily damaged if left.
  • In icy conditions, treat your safety surfacing with a non-abrasive de-icer such as Ice Melt which is available from Safety Shop. Do not use rock salt!


To ensure that your playground stands the test of time, we would recommend that you book our Annual Service and Inspection package.


At a cost of just £295 exc VAT, one of our own RPII (Register of Play Inspectors International) qualified installation inspectors will review your equipment and ensure that all loose fittings are tightened; all worn moving parts are replaced, and will provide you with certification that your playground continues to meet current British and European safety standards. A detailed report will also be issues including further information on any advisory work required.


For more information on winter care or on our maintenance services, please do not hesitate to call today on 01244 375627 or email us at [email protected]