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Why Outdoor Playgrounds are Important to your Community

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A study from the Association of Play Industries (API) emphasises the importance of outdoor play areas on communities, and it’s potential to improve the quality of people’s lives. They can become the hub of a community, providing a place where children and families can meet and chat. People can go to the park with a picnic, meaning they are outside playing and meeting other children rather than being indoors.

We know how difficult it can be to engage teenagers and provide them with somewhere they can respect and call their own. Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA’s) have become increasingly popular for this reason, as well as its ability to entertain multiple groups of children. It doesn’t matter whether its football, hockey or basketball they love, the combi goals cater for everyone!

Keep the younger children entertained for hours with our range of colourful Springers. A firm favourite for outdoor play areas, our Springers not only add a pop of colour to your play space, but children won’t want to leave!

A unique take on the traditional swing, no playground is complete with our popular Basket Swing. Allowing for more than one user at a time, the Basket Swing offers a unique and exciting experience; while they play they will be able to develop those crucial social skills whilst learning about gravity and momentum in one of the most exciting ways possible!


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