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Top 10 Most Popular Products: Number 9

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Number 9:

‘Fort Belknap’

At Number 9 we have our Fort Belknap part of our Zenith tower systems, this is an impressive four roofed tower system targeted at KS1 and KS2! It has become increasingly popular as it is a perfect focal point for any play environment.

It contains a variety of exciting play features including a net ramp, ramp with rope pull, a spiral slide, tunnel, firefighter’s pole, clatterbridge, climbing panels and talk tubes, the list just goes on! As well as all of this, it also provides seating for up to 16 children, giving a great opportunity to use this feature for outdoor classes and playtimes!!!!

The Fort Belknap encourages physical, social, creative and imaginative play, whilst more importantly promotes the development of fundamental movement skills as children are challenged to navigate around the play equipment in all different kinds of exciting ways. With the Fort style entrance and the roofed towers this is a great product to really engage children into creative and imaginative play.

Creative Play worked with Berger Primary School late last year, the school has TWO of our towers systems installed, one being the Fort Belknap and they loved it! There are so many different features and uses for the tower it really is a perfect product for any playground! How will you use incorporate this great product into your outdoor play area?!