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Timber Outdoor Gym Equipment

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Our journey with timber outdoor gym equipment

Creative Play have been making high-quality playground equipment for over 20 years, with our range extending into options such as timber outdoor gym equipment in recent years as we look to support young people towards healthy lifestyle choices.

We believe that by producing fun and effective outdoor gym equipment for schools, parks and private facilities, we can help more children develop a love of outdoor exercise that could continue into adulthood.

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What types of timber outdoor gym equipment do we offer?

The majority of our timber gym pieces feature bars, whether as parallel bars or rungs of bars, with options for leg workouts and upper body workouts across different pieces.

We also have a few others options, such as sets of boxes for jumps, or flat surfaces for sit-ups. All of our timber equipment comes with warranty options that ensure it is covered for long-term and durable use.

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What are the benefits of our metal outdoor gym equipment?

As with all of our other outdoor gym equipment options, our wooden gym equipment options are designed to offer a safe and enjoyable setting to enjoy exercise. This is a vitally important part of any young person’s life and one that should always be supported.

If you have any questions about how to select the ideal timber outdoor gym equipment for your location, we’d love to speak to you today and help advise you on the best option/s for your available space and budget.