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We will only need 3 things from you to provide you with a brand new playground and make the use of your PE & Sports Premium Funds before they are gone!

1. Provide us with a quick brief of your project

2. Provide the size / measurements of your existing space

3. Provide photo’s of the area of development including those showing the access to the area ( we will need you to include the details of the access within your brief)

And it is as simple as that. No waiting around for an on-site consultation (unless you wanted one, of course!),  we can quote straight from the office to meet your deadline with the PE & Sports Premium Funding (31/07/22)

Start by completing the form below to get your project under way!

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Our team have been designing, producing, and installing high-quality playground equipment in a variety of settings across the United Kingdom since 1991.

For over 30 years, we’ve developed over 14,000 play areas for clients including schools, daycares, holiday parks, parish councils, pubs, farm parks, and many more.

Why not email us at [email protected] , or give one of our friendly team a call 01244 375627