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As a leading supplier of playground equipment in the UK, we understand how important sensory play is. We have a specialist department that concentrates entirely on sensory play. This is the department that ensures the provision of excellent sensory playground equipment. We also address common questions parents and teachers may have about sensory play.

What is Sensory Play?

5sense3Before anything, let’s give you the simplest answer to this question.

Sensory Play is any activity that stimulates a child’s senses such as hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste, movement and balance and there are numerous sensory activities that a child can get involved in.

Many people think of only sand and water play when they hear the words sensory play. We can assure you at Creative Play, sensory play is not so limited. We have many ways in which children can develop their senses, besides water and sand play.

For instance, we have a fantastic Sandhut Major, designed to assist in the development of various key senses. This play equipment is one of the best sensory pieces for schools. Children can use it to create games of their choice allowing creativity and improving social skills, from imaginative play.

As the Sandhut Major can be closed to allow an ideal performance stage, children can build their confidence through performing to each.

Other equipment we have at Creative Play that shows sensory play is more besides sand and water play, are playboards. These can be added to playgrounds and sensory gardens. Playboards improve children’s fine motor skills, as they play and explore the various sounds and rhythms.

We also have a painting station that is a great addition to our sensory play collection. The painting station fosters creativity, cooperation and social skill development, amongst children.

Our specialists also supply great sensory garden equipment that’ll make a great addition to your child’s sensory play time.

From what is explained above, it is clear that sensory play is not limited to just sand and water play. Since our specialists understand this, we stock an enormous range of sensory play equipment.

Our aim is to see your child develop their senses and use them to fully understand their world.

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Wide range of sensory playground equipment

Our outdoor sensory play equipment, is grouped in four categories namely:

Water Play

This category consists of the following equipment:

• Messy Play Table Corner
• Messy Play Table
• Mud Kitchen Mini
• Mud Kitchen Maxi
• Mud Kitchen Midi
• Water Wall – Early Years
• Water Play Midi Two
• Water Play Midi One
• Water Play Maxi
• Water Play Combi
• Water Wall
• Water Play Micro
• Water Play Mini

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Sand Play

5sense4This category consists of the following equipment:

• Timber Sandbox
• Sand Digger
• Messy Play Table Corner
• Messy Play Table
• Mud Kitchen Mini
• Mud Kitchen Maxi
• Mud Kitchen Midi
• Sandhut Minor
• Sandhut Minor – Rustic
• Sandhut Major
• Sandbox
• Digging Planter Allotment
• Digging Planter Miniature Garden

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Planters & Growing

Our sensory garden equipment category consists of the following equipment:

• Compost Wormery
• Bug Hotel
• Small Bug Hotel
• Bird Hotel
• Vertical Planter
• Squirrel Feeder Maze
• Allotment Planter
• Growhouse
• Small Viewing Planter
• Viewing Planter
• One-20 Planter
• Sleeper Planter
• Wormery
• Planter 1.5M X 0.50M
• Timber Planter & Seat
• 1m Square Planter
• Planter 1.2M X 0.5M
• Planter 2.0M X 0.5M
• Planter 3M X 0.50M
• Digging Planter Allotment
• Digging Planter Miniature Garden

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Music & Sensory Playboards

You can get from this selection:

• Art Stage
• Colour Panel – Yellow
• Colour Panel – Blue
• Colour Panel – Green
• Colour Panel – Red
• Double Bubble Viewing Board
• Curved Mirror Board
• White Board: 2.4m
• White Board – 1.2m
• Chalk Board (2.4m)
• Chalk Board (1.2m)
• Mood Board
• Drums
• Bass Guitar
• Lead Guitar
• Farm Animals
• Cogs
• Mirror Board
• Painting Station
• Chalk Board
• Weaving Panel
• Painting Station – Double
• Funky Mirror
• Perspex Board
• Talk Tube
• Bells
• Drums
• Glockenspiel
• Chimes
• Xylophone
• Bagpipes
• Cymbals
• Rainwheel

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How do we ensure the quality of sensory equipment for the playground

From our extensive list of sensory equipment available for schools, you can tell we are committed to providing comprehensive sensory play for your children.

For every piece of sensory equipment we create and provide for children, including the smallest sensory toys, we make sure they are made to a very high standard.

Our experts go out of their way to ensure great thought and care go to every piece of equipment we sell. We can even offer details on the benefits of using our multi-sensory play equipment. On top of that, all our items are pleasing to the eye, meaning they will attract kids and encourage play.

Our sensory play equipment offers lasting quality. Our specialists are very passionate about sensory play which is why we only provide high-quality equipment to fully support children with their varying sensory play requirements.

Here are just a few compelling reasons why you can choose Creative Play for your sensory play equipment needs:

• Top-quality outdoor sensory play equipment from only high-quality materials
• Guarantees on all products we sell
• Knowledgeable team
• Highly helpful, passionate specialists
• Excellent delivery and installation services
• Reliable aftercare and maintenance services on sensory play equipment

Why choose us?


Our journey with sensory play equipment

As a provider of outdoor playground equipment, it makes sense for us to be passionate about all play solutions. Our numerous ways to help parents and teachers better understand it, truly indicates we’re fanatical about sensory play.

Our wide range of sensory play equipment for schools and other commercial playgrounds is another sign we’re taking this journey seriously.

We believe at Creative Play, sensory play shows real strength within our play equipment range. This is because sensory play can and has already helped, children from all backgrounds with different abilities.

By providing sensory play equipment that is useful to children of varying ages, we help them reap the many associated benefits.

Our experienced specialists can provide exceptional fitting sensory play equipment for your commercial setting. Our outdoor sensory playground equipment blends with the natural elements to allow an array of sensory benefits.

Feel free to contact us for the right multi-sensory play equipment. We can assist you to create a sensory playground that’ll provide great sensory play. Our equipment is designed to fit the exact sensory needs of children so is guaranteed to help.

You can use our contact us section on our webpage to explore different ways of contacting us.

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How do I move forward with selecting my sensory play items?

Click here to view our huge range of outdoor play products

For more information on any of the products mentioned above, call us today on 01244 375627 where one of our friendly and helpful advisors can answer any questions you may have, or you can visit our website Alternatively, email us at [email protected].

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