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Range of the Week: Playboards

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Range of the Week: Playboards

This week we are focusing on our fantastic Playboards range!


Here at Creative Play we offer a huge variety of Playboards, including Music Playboards, Games Playboards, Education-based Playboards and even Role Play Boards!

Ideal for injecting some colour into any playground, they are also great cost-effective pieces that provide lots of exciting play opportunities, even when space is tight!


Within our Music Playboard range we have many different instruments including Drums, Cymbals, Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Rainwheel, Batpipes, Chimes and Bells.


Each panel produces different sounds and allows children to create their own music, great for taking the music lesson outside! The play panels are easy to play and inspire a love for music from the earliest age up to KS2.


Why not create a musical trail?! Our Music Playboards come in both free-standing and integrated Octavia Shelter-mounted options.


We then have a selection of games-themed Playboards, these include our Twirler, Noughts and Crosses and Basketball & Target.


These panels are fantastic at encouraging social play and interaction and are also great tools for helping to develop communication and social skills as children learn to play together – Great for break times!


We also have many education-based Playboards specially designed to aid learning development and awareness about the surrounding environment.


Our Chalk Board, White Board and Painting Station are some of our most popular Playboards here at Creative Play, and it’s easy to see why! Ideal for taking the classroom outside, both pupils and teachers can practise literacy and numeracy skills or they can get creative and mark make together


Our Weather Station is also a great education-based Playboards, complete with a variety of weather measuring equipment, children can record their findings on the integrated white board – great for science and geography lessons!


Finally our Role Play Playboards, which includes our vibrant Shop Front, are great for promoting imaginative play and creating new scenarios.


Our Motor Play Panel is particularly popular, as it has everything any budding driver needs to go on an adventure!


Our Role Play Playboards are perfect for encouraging social play along with imaginative play.


A selection of our Playboards come in both wall-mounted and post-mounted options, providing even more flexibility when it comes to your playground development!


If you are looking to take the classroom outside and incorporate any Playboards into your outdoor playground, contact us TODAY on 01244 375627 or email [email protected]