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Product of the Week: Basket Swing

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With this unique take on the traditional swing, our Basket Swing is this week’s product of the week!


It has become increasingly popular, as not only does it allow more than one user at a time so children can experience the excitement with their friends, it is perfect with children with disabilities or who need additional assistance; the design of the seat is intended to allow children to be accompanied whilst they play.


This is an attractive feature to a lot of our customers and we can see why! Every child should be entitled to play!


Not only are children experiencing the exhilaration and thrill of the swing, they will also learn about the gravity and momentum in one of the most exciting possible ways!


Our Basket Swing comes in both regular, square cut and round timber options so they can enhance any play area, injecting more individuality into your playground.


Whether you want to experience a gentle rocking sensation to relax or a dynamic swing ride with your friends our Basket Swing can offer this!


For additional safety during play, some customers also select to include our swing barriers to ensure the swing’s operating area is cornered off and allows peace of mind when little ones are running around the playground!



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