The Bewbush Academy

Dorsten Square, Bewbush, Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 8XW

Budget: £15,000 - £20,000

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Childrens Seated Leg Press - FAF108

from £1597

Childrens Tai Chi Spinners - FAF109

from £1297

Childrens Arm & Pedal Bike - FAF102

from £1397

Childrens Double Cross Country Skier - FAF104

from £1797

Childrens Air Skier - FAF101

from £1397

Childrens Double Air Walker - FAF103

from £1797

Hop Spot - PM235

from £125

Jump Spot - PM236

from £125

Spin Spot - PM245

from £125

Stretch Spot - PM246

from £125

Skip Spot - PM244

from £125

Circular Maze - PM171

from £345

The Bewbush Academy were looking to spend their PE & Sport Premium Funding on an area for upper Key Stage 2 pupils. They wanted to add gym equipment to their existing grassed area to provide a sports zone for the older children to use to develop their strength and flexibility, along with co-ordination and balance skills.

We installed several pieces of gym equipment including Tai Chi Spinners, Air Skier, Double Cross Country Skier and Seated Leg Press with woodland mix Rubber Mulch safety surfacing to allow for all-weather use.

In a separate area we laid several thermoplastic markings including a Sports Trail, a Fun Trail and a selection of sports stations such as Skip, Spin, Stretch, Jump and Hop. This again encourages physical activity throughout the Academy’s outdoor space and can be utilised by all age groups.