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Lower Wood Farm Country Cottages

Wood Farm Loke, Mautby, Caistor-on-Sea, Norfolk, NR29 3JQ

Budget: £0 - £5,000

Dart Activity Centre - AC101

from £6980

Lower Wood Farm were looking at utilising a grassed area they had available. They had a few ideas in mind but wanted to get advice on what equipment would make best use of the space whilst catering for children of different ages.

After sending a play advisor out to discuss Lower Wood Farm’s requirements further they decided to go for our ever popular Dart Activity Centre. With an array of fun features incorporated into its design, the Dart Activity Centre provides children with hours of entertainment. A tyre crossing, rope climb, clatterbridge and pull up bars are to name but a few of the fantastic features the Dart has to offer – And not only is it great fun, it gives children the opportunity to partake in physical activity whilst they play! We made the Dart using all green playtec as requested to give a personalised element whilst fitting well within the surroundings.

The Dart was a great choice for Lower Wood Farm as it was able to be installed directly onto the existing grassed area meaning that there was no new safety surface required. Catering for ages 5 – 12 years the equipment installed met the of providing a play space for a varied age of children visiting Lower Wood Farm.