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Lothersdale Parish Council

Lothersdale, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD20 8HB

Budget: £5,000 - £10,000

BRIEF: Wanting to completely re-develop their tired community playground, Lothersdale Parish Council got in touch with Creative Play in regards to transforming their outdoor play space. They wanted to create a real ‘WOW- factor’ and include impressive pieces such as a large scale tower system and swings.

DESIGN: To create an impressive community play space, a large tower system such as our Fort Lincoln is a great way for catching both parents’ and children’s attentions. With playground classics such as our round timber Basket Swing included in the development, large groups of children are able to enjoy playing together. A lower level Jigsaw Play Tower and numerous spring riders were also added to the space to ensure younger children can also utilise the space. The inclusion of our Wheelchair roundabout is another fantastic resource for the community, allowing children of all ages and ability levels to play together in an inclusive manner. Black Wetpour Safety Surfacing was then laid throughout the area to ensure all British & European Safety Standards were met. Contrasting coloured splashes were then added under the different pieces of equipment to brighten up the area and create different play zones.

INSTALLATION: Creating a community play space is always incredibly rewarding and Lothersdale Parish Council was no different. With a wide range of equipment and safety surfacing to install, it was of paramount importance that everyone worked well together to ensure a successful outcome. Overall, the final playground looks very impressive and will be a great facility for the residents of Lothersdale for many years to come!