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Long Wittenham Parish Council

Bodkins Field, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX14 4QW

Budget: £10,000 - £15,000

BRIEF: Wanting to update their old and tired existing play area, Long Wittenham Parish Council got in touch with Creative Play in regards to rejuvenating the area. With the site situated in a small town, it was essential that the equipment selected would suit children across a wide age range.

DESIGN: Impressed with our timber equipment, we wanted to stay with a more rustic design for Long Wittenham. Our round timber Basket Swing and Seesaw are great items for providing that more rustic feel, whilst also encouraging group play. A custom, multi-level Jigsaw Tower System acts as the main focal point, and includes a wide range of play features for children to enjoy. A number of trim trail items were also included throughout the area to pack in more play features that children of a variety of ages can enjoy. To complete the area, we also added our Car Spring Rider to provide little ones with an age-appropriate play piece to enjoy. To finish off the area, our Grass Mat safety surfacing was laid underneath main wear points throughout the community play space to help protect the longevity of the grass during play.

INSTALLATION: Working on a community play space is always incredibly rewarding and is something we especially enjoy working on here at Creative Play. With tight deadlines to meet, it was essential that we worked quickly and efficiently to ensure the local children could access this new playground as soon as possible. With a wide variety of play equipment used, children of all ages will be able to enjoy this play space for many years to come. Well done to all involved!