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Leaf Academy

Holloway Avenue, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH11 9JN

Budget: £5,000 - £10,000

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Octavia Shelter (5M) - OS112

from £7987

Galleon - VOY106

from £2987

Tyre Crossing - CH116

from £998

Spiders Net - CH130

from £998

A-Frame Climbing Blocks - CH129

from £1198

Teachers Storytelling Chair - CP057

from £695

Curved Modular Seating (5 Pc) - CP059B

from £845

Elm Academy wanted help incorporating more play opportunities into both its KS1 and KS2 play area.

With the focus more on developing the KS2 play area, we decided to incorporate some of our popular Challenger Trim Trail items to promote physical play experiences as well as an Octavia Shelter to provide a quite area that could be used to socialise as well as provide a perfect hub for outdoor learning.

For the KS1 area we added our vibrant Galleon ship, to encourage imaginative play as well as a storytelling area that could be used at either play or lesson times.
Overall the playground at Elm Academy now features a variety of engaging play pieces that all can enjoy.