Forget Me Not Country Park

Croftside, Longhorsley, Morpeth, Nothumberland, NE65 8QY

Budget: £35,000 - £40,000

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Zenith Three Multi - Z111

from £9985

Basket Swing Round - S111 -R

from £2730

Double Swing Round (Flat Seat) - S101 -R

from £1415

Double Swings Round (Cradle Seat) - S102 - R

from £1779

Seesaw - Round - SR109 - R

from £1585

Tyre Crossing - CH116

from £998

Clatterbridge - CH106

from £1397

Net Tunnel - CH123

from £1598

Balance Beam - NUR121

from £195

Situps - CH113

from £597

Park Bench Standard - CP049

from £348

Rubber Mulch Safety Surfacing - SUR102

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Forget-Me-Not Country Park were undergoing a big extension and renovation of their on-site pub when they contacted Creative Play. They wanted us to create an impressive play area that would allow a large number of children to access at once. They were open to ideas, however they wanted to include a statement tower system as well as some swings.
Together with Forget-Me-Not we decided that our Zenith Three Multi tower system would be ideal as it would provide a wide variety of play features for children aged 5 -11, while also leaving ample room for various other equipment. Along with our round timber Double Seat Swings and Basket Swing, a variety of trim trail items were also added to provide a large number of play stations for children to access.

Our rustic Rubber Mulch Safety Surfacing was then installed to ensure the development met all stringent British & European safety standards as well as provide a great all-weather playground surface.