Firfield Primary School

Firfield Avenue, Breaston, Derby, DE72 3EG

Budget: £20,000 - £25,000

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Zenith Two - Z102

from £6985

A-Frame Double Net - CH128

from £1397

Treadmill - CH126

from £986

Parallel Bars - CH111

from £398

Tri-Sprung Balance Beam - CH134

from £1213

Tyre Crossing - CH116

from £998

Moving Beam - CH105

from £839

Log Walk - CH114

from £1397

Climbing Wall - CH127

from £1298

Stilts (4) - CH121

from £748

Balance Beam - CH108

from £298

Stepping Logs (4) - CH118

from £398

Rubber Mulch Safety Surfacing - SUR102

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Following the demolition of an existing school building, Firfield Primary School wanted to utilise the new space created and develop an area dedicated to physical play. They also wanted all weather safety surfacing laid to ensure that the new play area would be suitable for use all year round, as well as conforming to British and European safety standards.

The area at Firfield Primary School was a totally blank canvas which allowed us a lot of freedom with the design. Wanting to utilise as much of the space as possible, as well as incorporating existing features such as the trees, we decided to install a circular trim trail with a mixture of low level equipment and items from our Challenger Trim Trail range suitable for Key Stages 1 and 2.

As a focal point for the area, we installed our Zenith Two tower system in the centre which encourages active and imaginative play and has a whole host of exciting play features. We decided to lay our Rubber Mulch safety surfacing to provide the school with an all-weather surface that is environmentally friendly due to its recycled nature, and that ensures the playground meets all British & European safety standards.

Prior to the installation, the area at Firfield Primary School was entirely empty of play features due to the recent demolition of an existing school building. The sales and design teams both worked closely with the school and students in order to create a design which has totally transformed the playground environment into a vibrant and engaging space for the children to play and develop. The whole installation ran smoothly from start to finish, and the finished product is a credit to all involved.