Brookdale Primary School

Escolme Drive, Greasby, Wirral, CH49 1SE

Budget: £5,000 - £10,000

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Pull Up Bars - CH143

from £498

Parallel Bars - CH111

from £398

Log Walk - CH114

from £1397

Hurdles - CH115

from £598

A-Frame Climbing Blocks - CH129

from £1198

Gripped Rope Walk - CH131

from £898

Wetpour Safety Surfacing - SUR101

Price on Enquiry

Brookdale Primary School contacted Creative Play as they wanted to provide more physical play opportunities in their existing playground. Initially they were interested in one of our Trim Trail packages, our Yukon Trail, as it would provide a ready-made play area. Once Brookdale met with one of our Playground Advisors, we used the Yukon Trail as a starting point and then switched certain items to better meet their individual play requirements.

Together we decided to incorporate trim trail items that would provide a variety of different play opportunities. Items such as our popular A-Frame Climbing Blocks and Parallel Bars would provide classic physical play opportunities, while our Log Walk and Gripped Rope Walk would focus on balance and co-ordination skills. The whole area was then finished off with our Black Wetpour Safety Surfacing to provide a great all-weather playground surface.