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Playground Multi Use Games Areas – MUGA

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One of the most popular pieces of playground equipment showing up across different sectors are kids play areas.

From playgrounds to pubs, schools, councils, local authorities and more, different sectors are installing kids play areas, to give kids a place to let off steam, burn adrenaline and relax.

Playground MUGAs – or Multi Use Games Areas – are becoming more popular because of their ability to be diverse.

They have been found to be very useful in a range of settings, and playground MUGAs offer local authorities a wider choice in kids play areas.

What is a Playground MUGA?

A playground MUGA is a constructed play area that’s designed for a huge range of sports and games.

For example; you can mark the surface to match different sports, different outdoor activities and even to mark different fun zones of play. Children can then play on a playground MUGA for a longer period of time, and have the chance to get their fill of exercise for the day.

Benefits of Multi Use Game Areas

Any playground with a MUGA is a popular playground.

Children need support to foster their imaginations and a playground MUGA is one of the best ways to do it.

With the features of MUGAs the way that they are, children get the educational and play benefits every day. These kids play areas are popular because the benefits are innumerable.

The solid designs are popular and children get to enjoy a versatile space to play. Our design experts here at Creative Play, are able to build your playground MUGA with precision, whilst following a design that suits your needs.

You can create a play space to your size capabilities, that you design yourself. You can choose every single detail that will help to reduce boredom for your school children.

There’s no longer just one game area in a play space; there are multiple options for fun and excitement and this really appeals to children in kids play areas. It is – after all – their space to play.

A playground MUGA allows you to make use of the space you have in a way that’s economical. You can save money and time because once the playground is marked correctly, kids will be able to create multiple games in one area.

You can save on expenses as you only need the one playground for a range of games, and you’ll save space, too. You might not have the land space for a lot of different pitches, but with colourful markings, you can have them all on one playground.

Finally, a playground MUGA is the right space for kids to play because of their ease in maintenance. You only have to maintain one kids play area, rather than many areas!

You can have a kids play area with high quality materials used to create the space and the upkeep to the surface is minimal over time.

Choosing the right materials and space for a kids play area is vital for the continued use of the playground. Talk to us here at Creative Play for more information about the materials we use and the design & installation process.