Here at Creative Play, we believe that exercise should be fun. That’s why all of our sports and gym equipment is designed to encourage children to play in a more active way. If you want to promote physical fitness through fun, hands-on activity at your play space, then Creative Play can help you. For over 25 years, we’ve worked with schools, nurseries and local councils around the UK to provide children with dynamic playground equipment that’s built for their benefit. In recent years, we’ve expanded into specialist playground sports equipment, so we can help you to transform your facility and make sporting play even more exciting for the children you cater to.

As well showing children how fun exercise can be, we also want to help them to re-discover the joy of playing outdoors. Within our ranges, you’ll find a wide selection of playground sports equipment, with something to suit every hobby and interest. We’re experts in play and devised a whole host of primary school sports equipment items and activities that will keep children entertained for hours on end. Why not pick out a few pieces from our outdoor gym equipment range to provide children at your facility with their own area to develop their fitness?


Supporting Healthy Lifestyles

Creative Play believe that children should have the safest possible space to enjoy themselves. Safety is our top priority when it comes to designing outdoor sports and gym equipment. Every piece of sports equipment for schools within our collections has been carefully tested to ensure it meets the appropriate British and European safety standards. This way, you can be sure that the children at your facility are in safe hands.

Each piece of playground sports equipment is weather-proof and made with tamper-proof fastenings, again decreasing the likelihood of any injuries occurring whilst the school gym equipment is being used. We pride ourselves at Creative Play on the level of safety we’re able to provide, which has come after years of experience and hard work.

All of our fitness products include clear labelling with safety guidelines and user instructions to ensure that children are using them in the correct way. The make-up of a child-friendly gym space is important, as everything has to be designed in a way to maximise their potential in a safe environment. The priority has to be their safety, so with everything we have on offer in our range of sports equipment for schools is designed and built in-house, we can guarantee the durability, style and lasting quality of the materials used and items created.

All of our school sports equipment comes with guarantees, ranging from 1 to 20 years depending on which product it is. Our team of experts can advise on which pieces of sports and gym equipment would fit in well with your playground project and budget. It is this level of personalisation that sets our service apart; each and every one of the school sports equipment‌ ‌options we recommend will be the ideal fit for your school space.

Another benefit of our playground sports equipment range is that it’s designed to promote inclusion. We want to support children of all ages, backgrounds and ability levels, and our playground equipment reflects this. If any of the children at your venue have additional requirements, we’ll listen to your requests and may be able to adjust designs accordingly.

We can advise you on choosing the best playground sports equipment to suit children who may have additional needs such as wheelchair access. No child should ever feel excluded from joining in with friends, so we’re here to help you put together a fantastic play space with school gym equipment that fits a variety of needs perfectly. We strongly believe our school gym equipment and all activity equipment should be for all wherever possible, so we will try everything to make sure certain requirements are met, if any special requirements are needed.


Quality School Sports Equipment Solutions

Here at Creative Play, a lot of consideration goes into making our outdoor sports equipment as beneficial as possible for children and young people. Over the years, we’ve gained a reputation for constructing playground sports equipment that is exceptional in quality. We want to ensure that the children and young people who use our sports equipment are given the best possible environment to develop a sense of adventure and learn through play with friends. Our range of playground sports equipment offers children a number of lasting benefits.

The most obvious reason for installing an outdoor sports space is to help the children at your facility to improve their fitness in a fun way. The workouts can vary a great deal depending on their ages and ability level, and you’ll be able to choose from a variety of exciting school gym equipment options. An outdoor gym is a great way to encourage children to spend their leisure time outdoors in the open; something which many children are now missing out on as they grow up. Whether it’s used in schools, parks, local charities or somewhere else entirely, it’s certain that children will benefit from using our outdoor gym items and playground sports equipment.

In recent years, you may have noticed that vibrant exercise machines and work-out trails have become much more common a sight in parks and playgrounds around the country. Outdoor gyms are rapidly gaining popularity, including in school environments. Our outdoor sports equipment has been specially made to provide children with a safe and engaging environment where they can enjoy physical play with their friends. It is easy to use and adjust, meaning that our equipment can be enjoyed by children of all ability levels. Our range of playground sports equipment has been designed to allow children to feel as though they are at a real-life gym for adults. It can be used in any type of venue as there are options of all shapes and sizes.


Flexible Playground Gym Equipment Options

For a relatively small area, we recommend that you choose primary school sports equipment that can accommodate multiple users to make the most of your available space. You can mix and match equipment and put together an outdoor gym that is completely unique, allowing your venue to stand out. Every piece of playground sports equipment has been designed to encourage participation. You can watch as children learn to take turns and motivate each other as they exercise.

Another reason we’re so passionate about outdoor fitness is the level to which it helps promote inclusion among children and young people. Our outdoor sports equipment is designed to facilitate co-operation among large groups of children, allowing each member to contribute to games and be a valued team member. From football targets to basketball nets, you can find items within our collection of school sports equipment to facilitate a range of exciting activities, offering your young people some excellent opportunities across a range of sports.

We also offer a selection of playground surfacing options to complete the look of your play area and ensure that the children using it are protected against accidents and injuries. Creative Play offer an innovative approach to learning and development, which children with a number of special educational needs have responded particularly well to. Teachers and early learning experts have celebrated our learning methods because of how they have helped to bring on children’s cognitive development.

When used in schools and nurseries, our playground sports equipment has helped to increase children’s aptitude for problem-solving and even aided their language acquisition as they were prompted to broaden their descriptive vocabularies. Our outdoor gym equipment range also offers a number of physical benefits to children. By presenting them with physical challenges on a regular basis, you’ll notice that their motor skills and agility are greatly improved. In recent years, many schools, government officials and parents have seen that children are spending less of their free time playing outdoors.


Introducing a Love for Exercise Through Play

By helping children to rediscover the joy of outdoor play through school gym equipment and playground gym equipment, we offer an outlet for their boundless energy, supporting their physical health and appreciation for the natural world. By taking part in sports, group games and outdoor fitness activities on a regular basis, children can begin to play in a way that’s both mentally and physically stimulating.

We hope to promote a more active lifestyle among children and young people in the long-run as they take part in regular hands-on play, children can also develop a number of valuable social skills. Our playground sports equipment is designed to facilitate games and activities that encourage teamwork. The younger children at your facility can learn to share and co-operate with one another as they come up with solutions to the challenges that are presented to them through play. They will have so much fun with this school sports equipment that they won’t even realise they’re learning and developing new skills at the same time!

Installing playground sports equipment is a great way to teach young children at your school or nursery about the value of team play and social interaction. If you want to build a safe and engaging environment for children to develop a sense of adventure, then Creative Play can provide you with the perfect sports items and outdoor fitness equipment for your venue. Essentially, Creative Play want to help you to create a play area that’s full of the best and most imaginative sports equipment and outdoor gym equipment around, to stimulate the imagination of the children. There is a huge mental benefit that comes along with our equipment as well as the obvious physical benefits too.

Having put together over 12,0000 playgrounds over the past 25 years, we have a wealth of experience in helping schools to find the exact playground for their needs. With our new focus on providing this same level of quality across sports equipment for schools, we can help you to put together a sports area in your school that helps your young people to access great facilities and equipment for their sporting activities. This access to quality facilities at an affordable price can transform a school’s engagement with sports in a range of positive ways.

We’d love to see outdoor fitness become an even more integral part of education, so we’re delighted to see the impact our playground gym equipment items have already had in schools, local parks and nurseries around the country. Our combination of fun, engaging play and effective educational support has the potential to transform early years learning, as well as helping young people to lead a more active lifestyle.

Could you picture the children at your venue keeping fit on an exercise bike, building agility with a set of hurdles or taking turns with a football or football target panel? Whatever it is you’d like to offer them, we have a host of options available to build your ideal play space and help your children to develop their love of sports through our playground sports equipment.


Helpful Advice on Offer

If you’re in need of any advice when it comes to choosing the right playground gym equipment items to meet the specific needs of the children at your venue, then our skilled team are at hand to help you out. During your initial consultation meeting, we’ll get to grips with your project aims and discuss all of the possible outdoor fitness and sports equipment options with you. If you’d like to have a look at some of our past projects and get an idea of what your venue could look like with some of Creative Play’s dynamic playground sports equipment, then you can browse through our case study pages, which will provide you with inspiration.

On our site, you’ll find guidelines about how each piece of equipment is used and information about the benefits that it offers to children. Whatever type of outdoor play area you have in mind, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for within our wide-ranging collections. The team here at Creative Play can work with you to put together the perfect play space that will withstand years of active play.

Our dynamic playground sports equipment has been designed to provide children with exercise in a fun and enjoyable way. Over the years, we’ve provided thousands of schools, nurseries and local councils with the very best in design and quality. As industry-leaders, we want to continue showing children and young people around the country how much fun outdoor play can be when they have the right school sports equipment‌.

We understand that sometimes budgets can be tight when it comes to putting together your playground gym equipment, so with this in mind we offer a free consultation to interested parties, coming to visit you on-site. We also offer detailed knowledge on all products within our brochure, letting you know how they will be installed, how best they are used and the specific prices for each. A full proposal will be out to you within 2-3 weeks of this meeting and we can get started with the process from there.

We’ve gained experience catering to clients with varying project aims, budgets and location types. Whatever your playground sports equipment preferences and budget, we can work with you to bring your ideal play space to life, helping children at your facility to benefit in a range of ways. Whatever design option you’re looking for, whatever location size and type you want to place your new playground gym equipment or school sports equipment in, we have a team who are well experienced in helping you bring ideas to life at a workable budget.


Our expert team are more than happy to provide you with any advice and help get you started with your new project. If you’d like to find out more about what Creative Play offer, don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01244 375627, or we can be reached by email on Alternatively, our website can be used to book a playground consultation right away, or you can select the ideal time for us to call you back.