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Our aim at Creative Play is to help our clients to select the playground and/or sensory play areas that will best serve their children and young people. Our items can provide children of all backgrounds and abilities with a welcoming environment that offers them the safest possible space in which to enjoy fun play whilst also gaining and developing a range of skills along the way.

The playground items that are designed and produced in-house at Creative Play are strictly monitored to make sure they achieve the highest levels of quality. We also offer installation services for our playgrounds around the Leicester area. Every item that we produce receives detailed consideration to maximise its usefulness for young people. We‚are experienced in working with many different schools, councils and businesses, able to cater to varying budgets and locations. We also offer a free playground consultation to help you plan your new site and get the most from it.

Another issue we care a lot about, one we‚are sure is of interest to schools and local councils in Leicester, is the level to which sensory play promotes inclusion. Our playground equipment is specifically made to be effective for the learning and development of young people with a range of special educational needs. There are features within sensory play that are particularly effective in helping children to develop their abilities. It aids with learning problem solving and fine motor skills and can even help improve language acquisition as children focus their descriptive language. In essence, Creative Play’s aim is to help our clients to build their ideal playground, an area full of the best playground equipment on offer anywhere in the industry. We‚have seen innovative playgrounds and sensory play areas take their place as a vital setting for children to be able to combine fun play with really effective learning. Whether it’s with a climbing frame, sand play, sports area or another option, we provide exactly what you need to achieve a dream playground for children to enjoy.

If you‚are looking for a clearer sense of what it would look like to build a quality playground area in your Leicester location, take a look over one (or a few) of the short case studies in the Inspiration category of our website. Each client had their own aims, design needs, budget and playground equipment preferences, but they all enlisted our services to help us bring their playground vision to life, and we‚are proud of all the projects we‚have been involved in.

As we mentioned early, we‚are well suited to working with a wide range of requests in terms of budget and particular playground equipment needs. Our experienced team at Creative Play are able to offer expert insight as to which sensory play items would be the best match for your children and young people. We‚ would love to discuss in more detail how we can enable you get the ideal fit for your setting. Please get in contact with us today by calling our office on 01244 375627, or emailing us on [email protected] You can also use our website to request a callback for a more suitable time, or to book your own playground consultation in your setting.

We‚ would love to have a more detailed conversation about finding the best option for your setting.

Please contact us on 01244 375627 or via email at [email protected] You can request a callback, or even book in your own free playground consultation, both at our website

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