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Playground Equipment for 3- to 5-Year-Old

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Playground equipment comes in all forms; thus, when selecting the perfect equipment for your playground, you need to consider the safety and ability of the children that will be using it.

As children grow older, they become more energetic and curious; therefore, different playground equipment has been developed for children of different age groups to meet these emerging abilities and to ensure a safe environment for play. The perfect playground equipment allows children to experience maximum fun without the risk of playground accidents.

In this article, we have compiled a list of playground equipment perfectly suited for children aged between three to five years old.

Early Years Trim Trails

The Trim Trails is a wooden obstacle course designed to encourage different physical activities in children. The Trim trail contains a wide range of individual pieces, such as balance bars, balance beams, timber bridges, and timber crawling tunnels.

The Trim Trail offers children of the early years group a different challenge, providing a great balance between exciting play and the opportunity to learn

Spring Riders

The spring rider is a piece of amazing playground equipment made up of a large central spring placed under a beam where the rider sits.

The spring riders are modelled after a wide variety of animals and vehicles; this unique design style helps children of early age groups recognise different colours and objects. Also, the balance required to use the equipment helps in the development of core muscles.


Trampolines are the perfect playground equipment for children between the ages of three and five.

Jumping on the trampoline exercises the whole body, allowing children to build muscle and burn fat quickly. An example of how easily you can include a trampoline in your playground is our in-ground trampolines which are a safer option for younger children.

Basket Swing

The Basket swing is a slight advancement over the traditional swing. Its unique structure allows children to have endless fun while learning about basic science concepts like gravity and momentum.

The basket swing is designed to be used by a minimum of two children at a time; this makes it perfect for children with disabilities since they can be accompanied on the swing by their friends.

Spinning Bowl

The spinning bowl is a piece of traditional playground equipment designed for children under the age of five years. Children love being spun around, and the spinning bowl allows them to enjoy this with their friends.

Also, the bowl is only about 0.7 millimetres above the ground; thus, the children are at no risk of fatal falls.

Step Ladders

Step ladders also help with improving balance. The step ladders are made with preschoolers in mind. The step ladders come with hand railings to ensure balance and prevent unnecessary injuries.

Rung Ladders

Rung ladders are another essential piece of equipment you cannot do without when you are looking to build up a school playground that would ultimately include children between the ages of 3-5 years. The ladders are sometimes designed to ensure a 75-90 degree slope.


When trying to include stairways In playgrounds that would primarily be utilised by children between the ages of 3-5 years, this should be designed with not less than a 35-degree slope, coupled with a vertical rise of fewer than 9 degrees.

Handrails are also provided to ensure that the children can easily hold on to them in the case of a trip (Because you know kids trip all the time).

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