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Ensure your Play Area Sizzles this Summer

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We are now in full swing into the summer and the weather has been beautiful so far…

That means no more hibernating inside away from the cold, but summer clothes on and enjoying the great outdoors!

This signifies commercial settings need to be ready for families, couples and individuals to be swooping in for a great day out or even better a HOLIDAY!

One of the main priorities when trying to do this is the outdoor play/sports area.

We have some tips for you to ensure your outdoor area is the hottest around!!!!

Create a Theme

We have a wide range of themed equipment to make a real statement to your area. From Pirate Ships to Tractors or Trains to Cars, we are sure we will have something for you that children of all ages will love!  Why not try and add something that fits in with your heritage? Are you located by the seaside and want a nautical theme? Try one of our ships! Or a Farm park? Why not add our fantastic Tractor?

Click here to browse our Role Play Voyager range

Combine Swings

Swings are a playground classic and children love them! Why not combine a selection of different swings and create an awesome play space. Choose from a cradle, flat or basket seats to ensure you provide something for all ages and abilities. We are sure to have something that suits your outdoor area.

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Add a Climbing Structure

Our climbing structures are a fantastic way of grabbing children’s attention from afar. We have a huge range of climbing structures including our Jigsaw Play Towers which is component based so you can build the tower to your needs. This means even if you have a smaller area we are sure we will have something for you.

Click here to browse our climbing towers

Incorporate Some Classics

We have already touched on one of the most popular classic products with our swings, but let’s not forget Spinners, seesaws and Spring Riders as they are just as popular! These 3 products are great at filling in the smaller gaps within a play area providing a great selection of play value for multiple children at one time!

All products are constructed in-house at our Chester HQ so you can be rest assured that your playground will stand the test of time!

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