Physical Exercise and Learning

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We know that physical exercise and outdoor play improves children’s health and well being. All that fresh air and exercise is essential for all ages. The truth is, there may actually be more benefits other than physical development. Outdoor play has been increasingly linked scientifically to stronger mental muscle.

Since physical exercise affects children’s ability to learn, a school day that includes exercise is one that encourages children learning.


Physical Exercise on Performance

Studies show that physical exercise readies children for learning and affects the ability to take in information and store it. Taking part in physical exercise prior to learning activities can result in better performance. In the classroom setting, this means that learning tasks following a PE class or break time are potentially more productive as children’s concentration levels are higher allowing for stronger performance.


Physical Exercise on Mind and Body

PE and outdoor play can achieve more than just teaching team sports and embedding healthy lifestyles. Physical exercise has been proven to affect children’s learning ability by stimulating the mind and body. It causes children to be more alert in the classroom and have more energy to learn and retain facts. What’s more, physical exercise can lead to children being more attentive for the whole school day.


Physical Exercise Early in Day

If alertness is affected by physical exercise, students who have early morning PE or break times may have an advantage over students who do not. Children can be short-changed by missing out on physical exercise, when it’s the very thing that might cause them to stay focused and meet educational goals.


Physical Exercise Prior to Testing

It is suggested that teachers can help children score better on tests by simply allowing them to engage in physical exercise and play prior to testing. Physical exercise for students before teaching an important new lesson has also proved to be effective as concentration levels are higher. Children are proven to be more focused after they’ve had the opportunity to partake in outdoor play.


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