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In recent decades, there has been an increasing awareness of the range of benefits that are offered by dynamic outdoor sports equipment. Not only do they offer children a highly fun and physically engaging environment, but they also provide a variety of learning benefits. Here at Creative Play, we’ve been passionate about providing quality children’s play equipment for several decades and in recent years have added a sporting focus.

We’re still just as committed as ever to providing quality playground solutions to schools, nurseries and parks, but having become more and more convinced of the value of introducing young people to regular exercise, we now provide quality outdoor workout equipment as part of our range. Bringing our same level of design quality through our in-house team, we’ve created our range of outdoor exercise equipment to look the part and provide safe and enjoyable exercise benefits to any young people or adults who use them.

From our headquarters in Chester, our in-house team of experts are able to create, design and manufacture our unique range of outdoor sports equipment. We then have several expert installation teams located around the country, able to offer fully professional and safety-checked playground installation to any school, park or other outdoor facility around the country. Giving your school, nursery, local park or private facility access to outdoor exercise equipment provide a great opportunity towards a healthier lifestyle for those who use it.

A Wealth of Experience

Having spent many years honing our craft, we have refined our range of children’s outdoor sports equipment to offer a winning combination of visual style, exciting use and a range of lasting durability and safety features. When you come to Creative Play, you’ll get a sports setup that provides many years of enjoyment, can cater to children from a range of backgrounds and encourages them towards an active and healthy lifestyle.

Should you wish to get some of our expert insight on how to make best use of our range of outdoor sports equipment in your setting, you’re in luck. We can send one of our experts out to your location to offer a free playground consultation, allowing you to chat through some of your design ideas and get professional advice on how we would help bring you everything you need from your selection of sports equipment.

In addition to the excitement offered by our outdoor exercise equipment items, we also ensure that they make safety a priority. This commitment is present from their initial design through to each stage of their fabrication and onto the care taken in their delivery and installation. As well as each individual piece of outdoor sports equipment being designed with safety in mind, we also provide a range of playground sports surfacing options that provide additional safety protection for children as they play.

It’s not just excellent safety benefits that are provided by our range of playground surfacing options, with the variety of colours and styles in our selection you can also add an extra visual appeal to your space. We even have options that allow you to put a range of different sports markings into your chosen surface, providing even more opportunities for exercise, fun, teamwork and learning.

A Range of Options

We have installed thousands of outdoor playgrounds over the years, with many of them available to view in our Inspiration section if you’d like to get some ideas on what you’d like include in your outdoor gym space. The fact that we design each and every playground as a bespoke piece means that even if you choose some of the same equipment as previous examples, your sports playground will still be unique in its arrangement and location.

Whether you’re a school in Liverpool, a park in London, a local council in London or a private facility in one of a hundred small towns, we’re ready to cater for your desire for the best children’s outdoor sports equipment on the market. We have experience installing in a wide variety of settings and location types, meaning that we can help you put together the ideal arrangement for your setting dependent on available space.

Creative Play are also equipped to cater to clients across a range of budgets, with our range of outdoor sports equipment featuring items suitable for a compact sports area for a few children, right through to huge sports play spaces built to accommodate hundreds. We make it our aim to meet you where you’re at, understand your requirements and the vision behind your playground and then implement it to the highest possible standards.

Another factor of our outdoor sports equipment is how it can help to promote inclusivity. Here at Creative Play, we are passionate about children of all backgrounds and ability levels getting to benefit from dynamic and sensory play items. Often sports can be a setting where certain young people feel excluded, but our experts understand the way that the right sports equipment can draw children in and help them engage in new ways; it’s one of the reasons why we put so much work into ensuring we have the best items on the market.

Helpful Support and Advice

Take a look around our site and we’re confident you will see an exciting range of outdoor sports equipment that will get your creative ideas flowing with regards to the sports area you could put together. Our items offer the highest quality standards, all coming with warranty protection of various time periods. We are all about giving you the peace of mind of knowing that not only is your sports equipment built to last, it is also covered against damage.

We can advise you on how to properly maintain and protect your new outdoor exercise equipment, as we want to see any play space we help to create looking its best for many years to come. We’re just as passionate about designing and creating items today as we were the day we were formed. In fact, we’re probably even more motivated to create quality outdoor sports equipment having seen the level of benefit they can offer to people.

If you want to discuss the range of benefits offered by our different outdoor workout equipment then you can speak to one of our team about our work establishing outdoor gym spaces and how we may able to help provide a solution for your specific setting. Our friendly and helpful experts can provide insights that will help you decide between different items and select the best available range within your available budget.

Whether you’re looking to ask a few introductory questions, discuss a particular item or items in our range, or you’re ready to book a free consultation, Creative Play are more than happy to speak to you. We have a number of friendly and knowledgeable experts on our staff, so if you’d like to know more about our outdoor sports equipment, please get in touch with us today. You can call 01244 375627, email on or request a callback for a more convenient time, or even utilise the webchat feature to speak to one of our team live.