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Our NEW Water & Sand Play Range!

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Splash, Splat & Sand Castles 

Bring some sun, sea and sand to your playground with our new Sand & Water play range! Inspired by the oceans around the world, each product has it’s own unique play features to offer a multitude of sensory learning opportunities. Children can explore their imaginations by sailing the seas and digging for hidden treasures on the beach!

Sensory activities such as sand and water play provide the opportunity to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, from mark making in the sand to water pouring from one container to another. These activities are an early introduction to science and mathematical theories such as measurements, volumes and learning terms such as half, empty, less etc.

Why not add accessories such as buckets, spades, watering cans, boats, and dumper trucks to add to the experience – there is a Sand & Water Play product to suit every playground!


The Baffin Sand & Water product has been inspired by the Baffin Sea located between Canada and Greenland. Featuring a rotating crane with bucket and pulley, children can fill the bucket and empty it from a height with a SPLASH!


Captain a ship on the Baltic Sea with our Baltic Sand & Play product! Featuring water wall and accessories, children will explore the flow of water by creating different routes for water to flow from one end to another!


With 3 water trays, the Banda Sand & Water play product features 3 water trays and water wall. Children can learn about the flow of water by creating routes across the water wall, and transport water from one tray to another using the bucket and crane.


Linking two continents, the Bering Sand & Water Play will allow children to sail between the two continents, exploring the sand dunes on the coast. Featuring two trays and connector, children can explore the flow of water from one tray to the other.


The Bay of Biscay was the inspiration behind the largest of our new Sand & Water Play range! With 4 multi-level trays, 2 cranes, sieve and chute, this product has a multitude of sensory learning opportunities! With a whopping 317 miles of coastline, sea explorers can use their imagination to visit the tourist locations along the French and Spanish coastlines and collect seashells along the shore.

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If you want to 'dive' into your options of adding Water & Sand Play into your play space, contact us today! :)