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New Product Range: ADVENTURE MIX

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Here at Creative Play we are constantly trying to improve and develop our business. We have recently expanded our Product Design team, adding a new member. We set our new product designer, Kathrin, a challenge to come up with a new design concept, and we love it.


Kathrin came up with many different ideas, one being to create a ‘Pick and Mix’ scenario, the ADVENTURE MIX! The thought behind this is to be able to pick and choose the products you prefer out of the 8 different ones available and combine them to create the ultimate playground focal point.


We are extremely excited to be able to offer our customers a whole new range of equipment that will promote physical and social play, whilst developing fundamental development skills.


There are 8 new products within the ADVENTURE MIX range, some bigger than others to appeal to a wide range of age groups whilst also offering more affordable products!

The best thing about the ADVENTURE MIX is being able to combine any of the products you want in many different ways. There are some limitations but as you can see from the examples above you can have different shapes and different trail shapes, great for those tricky shaped playgrounds.


Although you can create bespoke trails you can also purchase the products individually to use to combine all aspects of your playground.

All the products within the ADVENTURE MIX range are listed below to gain more information on the individual pieces.


Cargo Net: Great for older children as the Cargo Net goes to the top of a 3M height. Great for developing strength and balance whilst enjoying the challenge of getting to the other side.


Rope Walk: The Rope Walk is great for testing children’s balance, co-ordination and agility. Children will really enjoy the challenge of getting from one end to the other, without touching the ground.


Spiders Net: The Spider Net has been designed to help develop children’s balance and co-ordination skills as well as improving confidence. Let children use their imagination of being the spider and having to crawl from one side to the other.


Tyre Crossing: The Tyre Crossing is always a hit in a playground. Children will crawl through them, under them, over them and around them! They provide a great challenge to get one from side to the other whilst testing children’s co-ordination and balance.


Twisted Net: Although this looks like an easy task to overcome, children will need great balance and co-ordination skills to navigate from one side to the other. Great to develop these skills as well as building confidence.


Rotating Log: The Rotating Log will provide a great challenge for children, ensuring they use their balance and co-ordination skills to reach the other side without touching the floor! Don’t spin the log to quickly, you’ll quickly lose your balance!


Net Crossing: Great for younger children, it will develop their existing balance and co-ordination skills and provide the ultimate challenge children will enjoy, to reach the other end.

Twisted Ropes: Children will have to try not and get twisted within the Twisted Ropes. Great product to help co-ordination and balance skills, children will soon hurry across.


Some of the products in the Adventure Mix range do require safety surfacing but this will add a great feature to your playground environment and allow you to get really creative. These are for the higher level equipment including the Spiders Net, Cargo Net and Twisted Net.


The remaining products, Rope Walk, Tyre Crossing, Rotating Log, Net Crossing and Twisted Ropes can be installed into well maintained grass.


The ADVENTURE MIX range has been designed for children aged 7-16 providing playground equipment for those older children as well as younger.


All ages will be challenged by the obstacles ahead and we hope you’re just as excited as we are!


We can’t wait to deisgn and install the very first ADVENTURE MIX playground so get in contact today on 01244 375627 or email [email protected] to receive more information and book a free consultation.


Creative Play design, manufacture and install all our equipment right here in Chester, so be rest assured you will receive great service through your playground development.