National School Sport Week

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National School Sport Week is here!

‘Too many young people are missing out on the life-changing benefits of sport and play that would improve their health and wellbeing and equip them with the skills to thrive’ [1]

This week is to encourage people to come together and show why PE and sports have an essential role to play in every young person’s development from confidence and social skills to balance and coordination.

Companies across the UK including the Youth Sport Trust have joined forces with multiple companies to emphasise the importance and offer tool kits and resources to allow schools to easily get involved and pledge their commitment to the well-being of all young people through PE and sports.

The aim of Lloyds Bank National School Sport Week, delivered in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust, is to get more young people in Britain doing more sport. And, in 2013, from 24-28 June, almost 3 million young people from more than 6,000 schools took part.

After National School Sport Week in 2012, over 1.8 million pupils joined a sports team or club outside of school and 2.1 million pupils joined a new sports team or club in school. And, since 2009, nearly 9 million pupils and 84% of schools have taken part in the week.[2]

The importance of being outside has never been more recognised so why not join in and get active this week and why not every week following? Let’s promote clubs, teams, and individual sports and get everybody involved in boosting the well-being of children!