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National Children’s Gardening Week 2019

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“Together we can help children grow”

Often a child’s favourite place to be is in the back garden, whether this is kicking a ball around playing football or paddling around in the swimming pool – the activities available are endless!

In addition to the fun playing, children love to grow plants and with the warmer months approaching – National Children’s Gardening Week arrives!

National Children’s Gardening Week encourages children to take part in gardening including in school and aims to provide activities and resources for families and schools around children’s gardening.

The earth has been impacted hugely with our actions such as pollution, waste, and recycling and is damaging the environment on a daily basis, so we need to try and reverse this and look after it.

According to the National Trust, children aren’t playing outside as much as previous generations, spending 17 hours each week watching television and 20 hours online – however, children being stuck inside can disconnect children from the natural world.

The benefits provided from children gardening include improvements in physical health, mental well-being, social skills and behaviour – further information can be found on their website

In light of National Children’s Gardening Week, we have launched two BRAND NEW Viewing Planters!

These products allow children to plant their own seeds and watch their plants transform, observing how the root systems grow and even see the small insects and creepy crawlies bust at work! Click here to check out our new Viewing Planters