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Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs)

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Multi Use Games Areas have become increasingly popular across all sectors including all educational settings, holiday parks, local authorities and parish councils, because they come with so many benefits and an endless range of uses! When it comes to offering children a level of choice in their activities, there are few facilities as exciting and varied as a Multi Use Games Area.

Providing young people with the opportunity to enjoy anywhere in the region of 15-20 different sports activities in the same play area, the Multi Use Games Area options that we offer across the UK are fantastic for children. Keeping children active has become such a huge focus and our MUGAs are one way to help you promote sporting activities keeping children active and engaged, whilst having fun at the same time.

Available in multiple sizes, our MUGAs ensure no-one is left out!

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Our steel mesh fencing is ideal for containing play.

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Tennis, Football, Netball and more, the possibilities are endless!

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Why not integrate court markings in your safety surfacing

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Here at Creative Play, we have been offering a range of equipment for many years, but having honed our craft and refined our range with each passing year, the range of Multi Use Games Area options we now have for clients in the UK has set the bar even higher with regards to offering children with a place to have fun, enjoy learning and benefit from exercise, all in the same space.

Adding a MUGA construction to your site can offer a range of positive features. For young people, the ability to combine fun play with physical activity forms a really positive link in their mind between the idea of a lifestyle being healthy and active and that being an enjoyable thing. One way to really cement that link in a dynamic and engaging way is to purchase a MUGA pitch for your setting. Whether you’re looking to place the games area in a school, nursery, community centre or local park, it has the potential to be a great fit.

One thing that can hinder some young people’s engagement with sporting activity is boredom, as they get tired of repetitive activity that they may not excel in. The beauty of our Multi Use Games Area options is that you can custom select a wide range of sports and games tasks to keep groups of children engaged for a much longer time as they cycle through different activities. You can tailor your MUGA pitch construction to the exact needs of your site in terms of placement and any additional features.


What MUGA Sports Pitch options are there?

We have just released a new range of MUGA sports pitches, which allow you not only to have the standard mesh fencing and goal posts with surface markings to allow for ball games such as football, netball, basketball and tennis, but also allow you to have all the above in a range of different sizes and to start adding different sports elements, such as target panels. In each and every MUGA pitch construction we take on, we ensure that you as client get to have detailed input on the exact design you need, ensuring that you get the most from your polymeric sports surface. This flexibility of design has made us a popular choice with many schools in the UK.

This sort of games space offers a wonderful fit for large group PE lessons, summer activity clubs and a range of other settings, with the potential to keep many children occupied for hours with the vast range of different games our MUGA pitch has to offer. This is what has seen Multi Use Games Areas become an increasingly popular option in England and beyond. We have seen a number of educational facilities choose MUGA sports pitches for quality and versatility, with the developments in MUGA construction meaning they are now highly cost-effective options.

Rather than having to purchase different sports spaces and equipment for football, basketball, cricket and tennis for example, you could locate the majority of the structural setup for all of these activities in the same games area. Rather than it just being a MUGA football pitch, you can use your MUGA pitch construction to serve the specific interests of your users, catering to a range of different sporting groups, both within the school and for outside hire. This ability to combine sporting activities saves money and space, both key factors for schools.

The beauty of a Multi Use Games Area is just how versatile it is; children can be playing one sport one minute and then another the next. If you were to purchase a Multi Use Games Area, you’re not stuck with only one form of sporting entertainment, but instead are left with an extremely facilitating piece of equipment that can change purpose on a daily purpose. This, of course, is ideal for a school environment, as several sports can be performed within the area, meaning several different PE activities can be hosted here with ease.


What are the benefits of a MUGA construction?

The features of a MUGA sports pitch mean that not only do you extend the range of play options for your young people, while simultaneously saving space, but it can also become very cost-effective in the long-term, as you’re able to bring in income from holiday clubs and evening classes. There really is no limit to the range of benefits that MUGA sports pitches can offer, giving young people the chance to experience lots of different engaging sports activities. This is why MUGA construction has become an increasingly popular trend for schools and private spaces, with multi use games areas popping up in schools and colleges around the UK.

There are a range of customisable options available with our Multi Use Games Areas, with the ability to select everything from the sports activities you include through to the MUGA fencing variation that best fits your setting, as well as custom designing your own bespoke MUGA surfacing options with your chosen sports markings and even features such as custom logos and colour schemes. This ensures that you get exactly the right fit from your MUGA sports pitch to offer long-term quality use of this safe and durable polymeric sports surface.

Having put a lot of time and thought into our MUGA sports pitch design and MUGA pitch construction options, we’re confident that Creative Play can offer an innovative and highly effective sports option for your setting. We’d be happy to speak to you in more detail about the benefits of polymeric sports surfaces, the flexibility of Multi Use Games Areas, and any other questions you may have about establishing a MUGA pitch in your location. We’re able to offer a friendly service and range of expert insight to ensure you get the best MUGA option possible.

You can also rest assured knowing that with our years of experience, our team assembles and fits the MUGA with real expertise, further decreasing the likelihood of any injuries as a result of the MUGA. Once you know your children are as safe as they can be while having sporting fun, you can enjoy the process even more.


If you would like to know more about how to get your own Multi Use Games Area anywhere across the UK, you can get in touch with us here at Creative Play today. We’re available by phone on 01244 375627, email on [email protected], or using our web form to book a free playground consultation.

We’d be more than happy to speak to you about our range of equipment and services and advise on how to get the most from a MUGA pitch, as well as giving you more details on how your free consultation would work and the different range of multi-use games area options we can offer.