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Keep Your School Kids Healthy And Happy With A MUGA

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A MUGA is a Multi-Use Games Area that offers a secure, enclosed, and multi-use space for children of all ages, to play and learn in.

MUGAs offer multi-use opportunities with nets for games such as netball or basketball, as well as general PE sessions and a safe location for break and lunch time play.

Creative Play highlights how much a MUGA can boost the wellbeing and health of school children.

Keep Your Kids Fit And Healthy

Shocking goverment statistics show that between 15% and 30% of kids in the UK are obese.

Obesity in those that are so young can open up a wide range of physical health problems, such as diabetes.

Exercise plays an important role in reducing the chances of obesity, as it encourages the body to move and burn calories.

A MUGA encourages active play at school, which helps kids to stay happy and healthy.

Develops Teamwork And Collaboration

A MUGA encourages children to work together through participating in team sports and shared physical activity.

Team-building activities are vital to a child’s development, helping them develop problem-solving, perseverance, creative-thinking and leadership skills. Team sports can also help build emotional intelligence and resilience.

Setting children up for the victory or defeat of team sports, can help them react more positively to challenges as an adult.

Improves Mental Health And Wellbeing

A MUGA can help your children be at their happiest, as exercise is directly linked to positive mental health and wellbeing.

Exercise helps the body release serotonin, which is a mood-boosting hormone found in the body. Physical activity can also help children focus on the moment, reducing anxiety and even reducing the risk of depression. Increased focus on a task can directly benefit school performance, as it helps with concentration.

Enjoy Physical Activity In A Safe And Secure Environment

A Creative Play, our MUGAs are a safe space for your children to play in.

All of our MUGA’s are enclosed on all four sides with secure gates, whilst offering a spacious, fully-accessible open air and secure area.

As well as keeping your kid’s safe, school parents will also view the school as a safe environment for their kids. Studies into parents’ perceptions of school safety demonstrate that school visits play a part in deciding whether the school has a safe environment.


A MUGA can have a positive impact on all areas of a child’s development. As well as improving physical health, a MUGA can encourage teamwork and collaboration, which improves problem-solving, creative-thinking and perseverance skills in each child.

Children that are physically active will also experience better concentration, mental health, and emotional resilience. A MUGA is also a secure and safe environment for children to play in, which can directly boost the school’s reputation, as a safe area during parental visits.

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