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Jigsaw Towers

Warwick - JIGX503

from £18230

York - JIGX306

from £12560

Chester - JIGX305

from £10470

Lichfield - JIGX207

from £7920

Exeter - JIGX206

from £6340

Lancaster - JIGX205

from £7260

Delphi - JIGX101

from £3310

Helvellyn - JIGX102

from £3700

Scafell Pike - JIGX201

from £5960

Snowdon - JIGX202

from £6960

Ben Nevis - JIGX203

from £6240

Washington - JIGX204

from £7740

Discovery - JIGX301

from £10020

Olympus - JIGX302

from £12200

Fitz Roy - JIGX303

from £9170

Fuji - JIGX304

from £12160

Kinabalu - JIGX401

from £12370

Elgon - JIGX402

from £12790

Meru - JIGX403

from £10680

Mont Blanc - JIGX404

from £12730

Kilimanjaro - JIGX501

from £17530

Logan - JIGX502

from £17590

Denali - JIGX601

from £21640

Kangto - JIGX602

from £18700

K2 - JIGX701

from £24480

Everest - JIGX1201

from £40140

Table of Contents


Our journey with Jigsaw Towers

We have been designing and creating playground equipment for over 20 years, with our Jigsaw Towers offering a great combination of play opportunities.

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How do we ensure the quality of our Jigsaw Towers?

All of our outdoor playground equipment is designed and manufactured in-house, so we can ensure the highest quality of visual style, safety and durability.

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How should you choose your Jigsaw layout?

There are several key considerations you should factor in when choosing your Jigsaw Tower design, including:

– how much available space do you have?
– how many young people will use it at once?
– how old are the children using it?
– what is your available budget?

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How do I move forward with selecting my Jigsaw Tower?

To move forward with the design and creation of your Jigsaw Tower, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on 01244 375627, or email on [email protected]. You can also use our website to book a full consultation if you want to talk through your Jigsaw Tower layout in more detail, or select a callback time for an initial chat.

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