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It’s National Obesity Awareness Week!

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National Obesisty Awareness Week


Did you know… Almost 20% of children are leaving Primary Schools Obese*?!?!?!

This is a major issue that doesn’t get approached seriously enough and the figures will continue to rise if we don’t do something about it!


We only need to take small steps to ensure children are kept fit and healthy during their developing years. There are several ways of ensuring this is accomplished, this would include making sure a balanced diet is maintained and that children are kept physically active.


Offering a child healthier options at meal times, providing a variety of foods, including fruit and vegetables, that contain all the required nutrients and vitamins will make certain children’s diets are suitable and contribute to a healthy life style.



As well as this we need to ensure we help children understand the benefits of being physically active. The more active your child is, the more benefits your child will receive such as strengthening their bones, decreasing their blood pressure, it will increase confidence, as well as reduce stress and anxiety, and more importantly help with weight management.


This doesn’t mean taking your child to the gym 3 times a week, this could be simple things such as taking a walk, playing games such as tag or tennis with your child, taking them swimming or even having a dance around the living room. The more active you are the more this will encourage your children to do the same!


Many schools now contribute to keeping children active by having different playground equipment incorporated into the outdoor space. A lot of equipment now helps develop fundamental skills including motor skills, strength, co-ordination and flexibility.


Playing at school on play equipment or even at the local playground in your area can also increase your child’s confidence and social skills as they will interact with other children and make friends.



Here at Creative Play we have created equipment with children in mind to ensure we provide the best service we possibly can. We have equipment to meet each individual needs and different aspects.


For example we have MUGAs (Multi Use Games Area) to allow play in school breaks times but then we have huge variety of climbing frames and tower systems for holiday parks and leisure attractions to allow multiple children to use at once.


We also have our popular Trim Trail equipment, prefect to be used between additional pieces of equipment or to be used as a standalone trail for children to navigate by overcoming many challenges and developing the fundamental skills detailed above.



If you are a School/Nursery, Holiday Park, Visitor Attraction, Parish Council or even a Pub and you are looking to update or replace your existing play area and want to help reduce child obesity contact us today on 01244 375627 or email [email protected] 


We have our friendly advisers waiting to assist you with any questions and requirements and we look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks for reading!


*Source – The National Child Measurement Programme 2013