State-of the-Art Hospital Sensory Play Room Ready for Young Patients

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Young patients at Walsall Manor Hospital are reaping the benefits of a brand new state-of-the-art sensory play room thanks to a very generous donation. The Trust’s Well Wishers charity raised a whopping £9000 for the West Midlands hospital, making it possible to fully refurbish the dated play room that existed.

A Range of Benefits

The staff team at the hospital are delighted with the calming new sanctuary on the paediatric assessment ward. Now that builders have finished work on it, they can’t wait to see it being used to aid long term patients in their recovery.

The hospital’s old play room was in desperate need of new equipment to suit the needs of all visitors. Children with a range of physical and learning disabilities came through the ward on a daily basis, and the hospital had nothing to offer those with disabilities such as cerebral palsy and hearing and sight impairments.

The rejuvenated room is designed to encourage children to take notice of their surroundings and engage with the world around them. Sensory play is great for calming anxious or frustrated children. Experts have shown stimulation of the senses can help promote feelings of wellbeing.

A Debt of Thanks

Resident play specialist Angela Kelly expressed the hospital’s gratitude at such a fantastic donation of money. Without it, the project would not have come to life in the way that it did. The play room had always benefitted children, but now a multisensory room will be able to impact the children in a much more meaningful way.

The innovative equipment uses various forms technology to stimulate the children’s senses. Some of the most notable features include fibre optic lights, a light projector and a selection of ‘touchy feely’ toys. This all contributes to a warm and calming atmosphere in the room.

The play specialist added that she was particularly excited to see how children would respond to the ‘infinity tunnel’ feature. This is a three-dimensional passageway with mirrors and settings that can be adjusted by children to play with at their own leisure.

A Peaceful Place to Unwind

In many ways the new room is more than just a play room. It will provide children on the ward with a peaceful retreat and a much needed hiatus from the loud and hectic hospital environment. For staff, the room will be the perfect place to connect with children on a one-to-one basis. From autistic children to mothers with small babies, the room will be a place for all the wards visitors to retreat to and unwind.

Georgie Westley, the fundraising and membership manager pointed out that the hospital could not have achieved such a fantastic transformation without the help and involvement of the local communities. In particular, the Sakhi Group from Walsall’s Hindu community made a sizable donation to the hospital.

The hospital have organised a special opening event, scheduled for the end of this month. As part of the celebrations, one of the hospitals own patients, 13 year old Megan Pritchard has the honour of cutting the ribbon.