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With Friends Like These: Our Development for Friends of Copythorne

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Friends of Copythorne were looking to create a new playground for the children of the community after completing 18 months of fundraising. The requirements were clear, they wanted a playground that would be designed to provide a stimulating environment covering all aspects of play; swinging, siding, balancing, climbing, rotating and bouncing!


As the requirements were so specific on this project, we had to make sure we ticked all the boxes in providing a design that created the environment requested whilst ensuring the area met all BSEN 1176/1177 standards.

Within the design we included a Jigsaw Play Tower to provide the majority of the play aspects requested including Sliding, Balancing and Climbing. The tower was suitable for a wide age range ensuring there was an element of play for everyone. We added several swings sets to add the swinging element, a Spinner, for the rotating element and a sunken trampoline for the bouncing element. In addition to the above, we provided a Balance Trail, timber seating and Wetpour safety surfacing to allow all-weather use and ensure all BSEN standards were met. The Wetpour safety surfacing was laid in black with contrasting coloured shapes to add an extra touch of vibrancy.


The timelines on this project were very specific as the access was through the Parish Hall. We worked closely with Friends of Copythorne to ensure the project was installed efficiently and within the timescales.

Overall the blank area was transformed into an area children can enjoy for many years to come!