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Foxfield Primary School

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Foxfield Primary Academy had three existing areas which were completely devoid of play equipment and so the school wanted to incorporate all kinds of play opportunities. The equipment selected needed to be suitable for all ages from Reception through to Key Stage 2 and remain both challenging and engaging.


As all three existing areas were completely blank canvases, it allowed us a lot of creative freedom with the design. The school had put a lot of emphasis on including equipment that would aid development for all ages, so we decided to include our popular Clyde Activity Centre which hosts a whole variety of engaging play features including a clatterbridge, slide, net crossing and tyre swing and allows multiple children to play at once. We also selected a variety of thermoplastic fitness trails that not only encourage physical and active play but can also be used alongside curriculum based PE lessons. As a focal point for the Key Stage 2 area, we selected our Jungle Climber Maxi to encourage the continued development of fundamental movement skills, problem solving and cognitive thinking capabilities.


The installation at Foxfield Primary Academy was a particularly enjoyable process as we got to develop a series of blank outdoor spaces into fun and engaging playgrounds to be enjoyed by the whole school. Everyone worked really hard to complete this massive project and it was finished to an exceptionally high standard – and on time!