Our Playboard range has Expanded

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We are really happy to be able to finally let you know that we have expanded our Playboard range to give you a wide choice of board to help children learn and develop during their early ages.

We already have a range of over 40 Playboards including our Music Panels and have now added an extra 12 play board’s for you to choose from.

Our Playboards are great for outdoor learning and boosting children’s creativity whether it be through musical play or creative play – we are sure we will have something that suits your requirements.

Take a look below at the BRAND NEW range of Playboards

3 NEW Stopwatches

Ready, steady, go! Our Stopwatches allows you to track times during PE lessons, playtimes and after-school clubs/ competitions.

We have three different versions of the Stopwatch, our Running Track, Football Pitch and Games themes, giving you more options of how to design your playground!

Click here to view our Stopwatches

Make some Music!

Lead Guitar

Create unique sounds with the Lead Guitar as each button on the play board presents a different note, perfect for allowing children to explore and create great sounds.

Our outdoor musical instruments are easy to play and allows any child to create their own music – and inspire a love of music from the earliest age up to Key Stage 2. Our specially designed musical instruments deliver quality sounds and are well constructed to provide many years of play.

 Click here to view our Lead Guitar


Master your drum solo with our Drum play panel. With numerous sounds such as a ride cymbal, crash cymbal, hi-hat cymbal, 2 x toms, floor tom, bass drum and snare drum, children can play percussion sounds together in groups or individually.

Combine with our Lead Guitar and Bass Guitar to create the ultimate rock band!

Click here to view our Drums

Rejuvenated Playground Classics


Let children explore there sensory side with our Cogs Playboard.

As children spin the cogs they will hear the relaxing sound of rain, ideal for school sensory gardens or even to be used during music lessons alongside our other musical play boards.

 Click here to view our Cogs


Great for developing problem solving skills and spatial awareness, our Maze provides a great challenge for children.

Navigate the handle from the start position (Sun or the Moon) to the finishing position. Children can work together to solve the puzzle or try and complete it on their own, but watch they don’t get stuck in a dead end!

Click here to view our Maze


The Dice Playboard is great for group play and encouraging social and communication skills.

Simply spin the dial to land on a number, it can be used on its own or can be teamed up with our our Thermoplastic Playground Markings to create the ultimate games zone.

Click here to view our Dice

Unleash your Wild Side

Farm Animals

Our Farm Animals Playboard is great for promoting outdoor learning!

Children will have to press the button to hear the sound of the animal and try to identify which noise is being made, the idea is then for children to spin the vibrant Playtec circles to match the noise to the corresponding animal

A stainless steel touch-sensor activates an “Old MacDonald” tune and various farm animal sounds.

 Click here to view our Farm Animals

Cuckoo Clock

Great for outdoor learning, children will soon be telling the time like a pro with our Cuckoo Clock. With interactive buttons, the panel has several features to help children learn and develop their time-telling skills.

A random ‘o’clock’ times generator will sound a time and children will have to set the hour hand to the time they hear.

There is also a feature for the sound generator to produce random cuckoo sounds and allows children to change the time to correspond with the amount of cuckoo’s heard.

Click here to view our Cuckoo Clock

Want to see more? Click here to see our full range of our new Playboards! 

If you are looking to update your outdoor play area, contact us today! We have a team of friendly play advisors waiting to hear from you.