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Climbing Frames

Dino Climbing Frame - CF103

from £3850

Wye Climbing Frame - CF110

from £8780

Arun Climbing Frame - CF109

from £6480

Dee Climbing Frame - CF101

from £3300

Dee Climbing Frame Round - CF101 - R

from £4040

Derwent Climbing Frame - CF102

from £3600

Linear Dee Climbing Frame Round - CF104-R

from £4040

Ribble Climbing Frame - CF105

from £6480

Mersey Climbing Frame - CF106

from £8780

Rope Net Pyramid - SR114

from £4130

Rope Net Pyramid - Spinner - SR115

from £5230

Timber Cabin - CP005

from £2700

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Our journey with children’s climbing frames

Wooden climbing frames are a traditional staple of the many of the most successful playgrounds in schools, parks and play facilities around the UK. Here at Creative Play, we believe that it is one tradition that should continue. Kids love climbing on things, they start doing it before they can even walk, and continue on with park and school climbing frames as part of their development.

Climbing frames can offer an essential space for children to explore their boundaries in a safe environment. When looking across your children’s climbing frames UK options, we are an ideal fit.

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What types of climbing frames do we offer?

There is a wide range of nursery climbing frames and school climbing frames available to you here on our site, spanning options including:

– dinosaur-themed climbing frames for schools, parks and activity centres

– large and colourful climbing frames designed as an adventure trail

– frames including tyres to swing on, ladders and slides

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What are the benefits of climbing frames?

We offer a wide variety of school climbing frames and other climbing frame options, but each of them is designed to aid in the development of balance and coordination for children, as well as helping them to invigorate their imagination and learn a range of different physical skills as they play on their own or with their friends.

A child being able to have fun whilst learning is key to any good childhood, with our range of high-quality children’s climbing frames in the UK offering a great opportunity to do so. Whether you’re looking for school climbing frames or one for a park, you’ll want to embody these dual qualities of learning and fun. The right wooden climbing frames UK options can help achieve this balance in a way that your children will want to enjoy again and again.

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How durable are our wooden climbing frames?

Our expert team of designers have developed our range of wooden climbing frames and other wooden playground equipment with longevity in mind, with the design team at our Chester headquarters managing the production of all of our school climbing frames in-house so that we can ensure elite equality across our range. We’re passionate about providing the best children’s climbing frames in the UK, so we ensure that we offer real quality and value in all of the play and learning tools that we offer to schools across the UK.

With any wooden playground equipment, you’ll want to be sure that it is safe and has been designed and built in such a way to minimise future wear and tear that naturally occurs. This allows for durable and lasting use and can ward off the potential infestation which can ruin lower quality wooden climbing frames.

Across our children’s climbing frame UK range, all of our timber products come with a 20-year guarantee against such infestations, so you can have full peace of mind with every purchase that you will be getting lasting quality, even with prolonged and regular use.

These are just a few of the benefits that we believe makes our wooden climbing frames UK range one of the leading options for any school, nursery, park or home across the country. Having built up a wealth of experience and expertise, the children’s climbing frames we offer are built with the play needs and learning needs of your young people in mind.

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How do I find the right climbing frame for my location?

We’re happy to discuss your exact needs in terms of childrens climbing frames and see whether any of the options in our wood climbing frames UK collection can best cater to your playground needs.

In addition to offering the highest design standards across all of our school climbing frames and other wooden playground equipment, we can also provide delivery and expert installation of our children’s climbing frames around England and Wales, ensuring that your new play equipment is set up safely, securely and looking its best.

You may wish to purchase a range of items to go alongside your climbing frame, or even add some playground safety surfacing to ensure increased safety as children play, as well as a range of colour and design them options.

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How do discuss my climbing frame requirements?

If you have any questions about finding the best wooden climbing frames UK options, or want further advice on selecting the ideal school climbing frames for your setting, we’re more than happy to talk through our available options in more detail. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of experts have been involved with helping many schools to find their ideal fit and are always able to discuss the merits of our different products and services and help you to reach the best play solution for your setting and the young people who will make use of them.

You can help the children who will be using the play area to get stuck in and develop their sense of fun and adventure with a wooden climbing frame from Creative Play. With a number of teams of installation experts located throughout the UK, we will be able to expertly install your wooden climbing frame no matter where you are based.

We offer a free consultation before installing on-site, an ideal support to ensure that you get just the right fit for your location, with our expert installation teams able to ensure safe and high-quality set up at all times. Call us on 01244 375627 to speak to our team today, or fill in a request form on our Contact section and we’ll be in touch soon.

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