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What Should You Look for in Good Children’s Climbing Frames?

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Children’s climbing frames are a fantastic playground equipment item, thanks to not only being a consistent source of fun, but also their versatility of use. With a climbing frame, children – whether at home or in school – can reap a range of play benefits. Children enjoy lots of fun, while at the same time improving their motor skills, strength, balance and coordination. It is easy to understand how climbing frames have become such a popular playground equipment choice. Children love climbing on things, which in many cases they do before they walk.

While a climbing frame can certainly be an excellent addition to any playground, it is always important to pick the right one. Our specialists at Creative Play UK can help you find good children’s climbing frames. We have a wealth of experience in designing and creating playground equipment, so we’ll be able to guide you to pick a climbing frame that will offer your children a combination of fun play, educational benefits, and exercise.

When looking for a good children’s climbing frame, it is important to consider:


In many ways this is the top priority, safety is one thing you should always look for when picking climbing frames for children. While you cannot guarantee a child will avoid a fall when using a climbing frame, you’ll want to make sure that as far as possible, when children will be using your play area, you have equipment that will be safe for them. Make sure the climbing frames you get for your children have a design that conforms to all safety standards in the UK. This is related to the quality of the material used in assembling a climbing frame. Look for a material of high quality to eliminate injuries from factors such as abrasive climbing frame parts, while you can also consider having the climbing frames installed alongside shock-proof surfacing for a real emphasis on safety.

Creative Play has a range of top-quality children’s climbing frames in our selection, each of them made in-house and installed in compliance with British Safety Standards. Our experts can help you understand everything you need to know when it comes to safety for children playing on a climbing frame. Our team of experts offer reliable installation services, ensuring that the playground equipment we provide creates a very safe environment. We offer waterproof and anti-slip safety surfacing that also cushions the falls of children.



A good children’s climbing frame should enable a range of usage benefits. Look for a sturdy climbing frame that children of various ages can climb on. The balance and co-ordination of your children can greatly improve through such activities. You could select a creative climbing frame with challenging features such as bars to swing on, to keep children interested in the frame as they find new ways of completing tasks, while at the same time getting a range of exercise benefits. There are various types of climbing frames you can get for the children in your care. Popular options include dome climbing frames, while others have shapes similar to play towers.

Think about what you want to achieve with a climbing frame and look for the one that will offer exactly that. Creative Play installs options at schools across England and Wales children’s climbing frames that offer great versatility. They have designs and features design to improve motor skills, strength and balance in children. You can get a climbing frame with ladders, slides and/or tyres to swing on. This aids children to extend their imagination as they acquire a range of varying physical skills.


Lasting Quality

Your process of choosing a climbing frame for children should always consider quality. Ensure you look for climbing frames providing quality made to last a significant number of years. The joints and installation should be of a quality that allows prolonged and regular use. Since, in most cases climbing frames are installed outdoors, the quality of the material used to make the climbing frame should be able to withstand harsh weather.

Our Creative Play team includes climbing frame experts, who develop all of our products with longevity in mind. We have wooden climbing frames, with pressure-treated timbers that protect the timber from decay and insect attack for up to 20 years. The preservation of the wood also ensures everyday wear and tear of the wood is significantly reduced, able to accommodate the different weights of the children playing on it.



The appearance and visual style of a climbing frame is determined by a number of factors, including its design elements and colour scheme. You should look for attractive designs and colours that both attract the attention of children, and fit the colours in your space. Many children nowadays spend much less time playing outdoors, but great looking playground equipment, such as our selection of children’s climbing frames, are ideal for attracting and keeping children engaged in fun and educational play.

You can browse through our collection of climbing frames to pick the best one for the children who will be using it in your space. We have plenty of options at Creative Play UK, and can even offer a free playground consultation where one of our experts will meet with you in person to go through our options in detail and help you find your ideal fit, offering an item that provides all the benefits of a good climbing frame.

Please use the contact details on our page to reach our friendly and knowledgeable team. If you need any help at all with choosing your ideal climbing frame, our specialists can assist you if you get in touch by phone, by email or by using our online contact form to request a callback for a preferred time.