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Case Study: Chester Zoo

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Chester Zoo required an area that would provide a challenge for children of all ages, and that could include a range of equipment suitable for both older and younger children alike. The wooded area had plenty of trees and plant life, and therefore they wanted playground equipment that would fit the natural aesthetic of the surroundings.
We decided that a mixture of low level trim trail equipment and one of our popular Zenith Max Fort Tower Systems would provide the zoo with the perfect play space. Our Crawling Tube and Stepping Logs were the ideal pieces of low level equipment to be included within the area – designed to encourage children to challenge and develop their balance and coordination skills on multiple levels. We also installed our brilliant Fort Lincoln Tower System, which is packed with exciting play features to keep children busy for hours. To ensure that the area met and succeeded all British and European safety standards, we installed our Rubber Mulch Safety Surfacing which not only fit the desired natural aesthetic of the play area, but also provided the most environmentally friendly option due to its recycled properties.