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Bespoke Services

bespoke0 | Creative Play

As a company, we endeavour to ensure that we provide the ultimate service with each and every playground we create. To do this, we constantly review feedback and look for new ways to develop as a business and improve our services.

When choosing to update your outdoor play space, there are many different elements to consider, so it can make it difficult to find the right playground equipment company to assist you with all your needs. This is why here at Creative Play, we want you to be able to come to us with all your different playground ideas, and we will always strive to meet these as best as possible through our in-house team of specialists.

One of the ways in which we believe Creative Play will demonstrate going the extra mile is to create ‘bespoke products’ for our customers. We have done this for many customers already and want to ensure all of our customers are aware of a unique opportunity to make your playground equipment individual to you, making for an option that really stands out.

Bespoke Products:

bespoke1 | Creative Play

We may already have a huge catalogue of products, but we also know that each and every playground is different, coming with its own exact shapes and sizes. So, there are times when it can be difficult to make sure that you have certain pieces of playground equipment incorporated that best fit the area.

This is why, here at Creative Play, we offer to create bespoke products for our customers. Anything you think of, from bespoke equipment to bespoke surfacing, we will try our utmost to ensure we provide the best possible design solutions.

Bespoke Engravings:

bespoke2 | Creative Play

Many of our customers, particularly in schools around the UK, have already chosen this great feature to have their own logos, expressions, images and even names engraved onto our Playtec boards. This enables them to add a truly unique aspect to their outdoor play area, as if it is a personalised logo, nobody else in the world will have this piece.

Given the unique design touch offered by this service, this has become an increasingly popular option. As you select your bespoke engravings, you can be confident that all of the engraving is done on-site here in our factories, ensuring the same high quality as with the rest of the playground equipment.

Bespoke Surfacing Designs:

bespoke3 | Creative Play

One of the most popular safety surfaces we provide is Wetpour. We are now offering our customers a chance to choose an engraving of their choice, turning their option into a uniquely bespoke surfacing as we cut this engraving into the Wetpour surface to create an exclusive characteristic for their existing outdoor playground.

As you choose your bespoke surfacing option, keep in mind that this engraving could again be a logo, a name, a phrase or educational markings. Whether you want to display your school crest or the name of a generous donor, we can offer whatever engraving you prefer for your bespoke surfacing choice.

We also provide artificial grass surfacing and we have recently introduced the chance for our customers to have an illustration printed directly onto the artificial grass. This is great to incorporate different games into playtimes, and with modern design options and the wide range of games utilised in schools, the possibilities really are endless.

Bespoke Thermoplastic Playground Markings:

bespoke4 | Creative Play

When choosing to include thermoplastic markings into your playground development you can be assured you will get long-lasting, durable surface markings. But it might be that we don’t offer a design/shape you require.

This is why we offer to produce bespoke thermoplastic markings to allow you to design your own. This could be a great thing to do with children; let them design something and we will try our best to match the image submitted to us.