Most Amazing Indoor Playgrounds around the World

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Indoor play areas provide children with a safe and vibrant space to embrace their imaginations during those rainy days when outdoor play just won’t permit. For many of us, the self-contained indoor play spaces at restaurant chains such as McDonald’s hold many fond memories. There was really nothing like the novelty of running, climbing and building with huge foam blocks indoors, before diving headfirst into a nest of brightly coloured balls.

Since the 1980s, indoor play areas have come on in leaps and bounds. Advancements in technology mean that their designs are becoming even wackier and ground-breaking than ever before. Here are some of the most amazing indoor playgrounds around the world, that are guaranteed to leave children with a lot of good memories.


Manitoba Children’s Museum, Winnipeg, Canada

The playground, one of Canada’s best, was built in 2011 and designed by Toboggan. The place provides a miniature world for both children and adults to enjoy. Children’s sensory perceptions are tested by the Illusion Tunnel which is a giant slide that resembles a kaleidoscope. The place offers a unique way for children to learn.


MobiVersum, Volkswagon campus in Wolfsburg, Germany

This playground, built on the Volkswagen campus in Wolfsburg, has an immense design. It was built to reflect the identity of the firm. The interior has networks of slides, tunnelling passageways, stairs and nets that are nicely sculptured to make it more attractive and also allow the employees to rest during their breaks.


Chicago Children’s Museum, Illinois

The Chicago Children’s Museum is renowned for its innovative indoor play facilities. Most notably, the museum boasts a huge climbing structure that encourages children to take risks and test out their agility. The three-storey high faux-ship rigging ushers the children from the cargo hold to the nest of the crow. The floor of the ship contains tropical fish which provides a spectacularly vibrant view from the top.


The Commons, Columbus, Indiana

This impressive playground was built in 2011 to replace an Indiana mall called The Commons. This new design was made after public surveys and community meetings that supported it had been carried out. The playground has a tall Tom Luckey climbing structure made from beams of steel and about 10 miles of steel aircraft cables that are coated with rubber. Huge windows spanning from floor to ceiling allow natural light to enter as the children play.


Kindergarten, Zaragoza, Spain

This Spanish kindergarten is filled with pretend mountains that can be scaled, with caves underneath for the children to crawl in and out of and use as dens. There’s also a gigantic chess board with moveable pieces that can be used for games. The stepped seating cleverly includes storage space for the children’s books and games, keeping the whole minimalist design of the nursery looking spic and span.